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What would you do if you were rich?

Yes we all have some guilt about earning money. We’ve been told rich people are evil and are out to destroy our planet. We hear people flopping about and complaining about the state of things all the time, while they do nothing to make a difference. And doesn’t it just sound like “Blah blah blah”? […]

The biggest spiritual LIE ever

Self help books come and go but one of the main threads that string them together is this: “Happiness is all inside you. You must learn to love yourself to be truly happy. No one else can do it for you.” “Great.” Said all the millions of seekers who knew there was more to life […]

I’m number 7 in iTunes worldwide for meditation!

Hi lovely ONE How is your day? Mine is full of motivation, love and excitement. As I was browsing “meditation” in iTunes yesterday for research, I noticed my Sleep Easiliy Meditation comes up 7th. In the world! Out of billions of apps!!!! Well, that blew me away not for ego purposes (though the look-at-me Shazzie […]

Shrink your effort, grow your income

Do you have a high ticket product? It feels great having products for sale. It feels even greater when you get notification of those sales on your phone! BUT… How many products do you have to sell to earn a living? If you want to earn £5,000 a month and your products cost £100, you’d […]

New ethical businesses coming to you

WOW I just signed up my last Grow Your First Million client of the year 🙂 (happy face)… So I now have a little over a handful of clients to love, nurture, inspire, guide, coax, teach & love some more… So they can become the next generation of revolutionary maverick business people, changing the world […]


No you shouldn’t

Here’s a thing I’m a keen people watcher. I can pull personality, mannerisms and habits apart and scrutinise them quickly… It lets me know what makes people tick so I can help them change the bits they aren’t happy with. In my work with my clients, this superpower is useful because I can spot self-destructive […]


Mind your own business

STOP!!!! Too often we focus on other people and give the scraps to ourselves. Then we feel frustrated when we fail… So let’s do a big collective STOP and just focus on ourselves and what we want to get done for us. Because believe me, when we feel complete our cup runners over so abundantly […]

New Facebook biz group

Hey beaut Just a quick catchup regarding my new business mentoring biz Grow Your First Million. To support you all, in biz or still thinking about it, I’ve started a little free Facebook group that will offer you hints, tips, inspiration and love throughout your process. It’s not a big group. I want to keep […]