Shrink your effort, grow your income

Do you have a high ticket product?

It feels great having products for sale. It feels even greater when you get notification of those sales on your phone!

BUT… How many products do you have to sell to earn a living? If you want to earn £5,000 a month and your products cost £100, you’d have to sell 50 products a month to meet your targets.

And if your product isn’t a consumable one, you’d have to find 50 brand new customers a month.


sod six figures, I want you to earn millions.

So do yourself a favour and set up some high value, high ticket products too.

Just one item at £5,000 would pay your way for a month.

Over the course of a year, you’d need just 12 clients, not 600.

Sounds viable?

It is… When you are a genuine expert and can change lives quickly.

So become that expert. Work towards having a full gamut of prices (from free to high-ticket), and get paid the amount you deserve. Now.

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