Free raw food recipes — Winter beetroot salad

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Winter beetroot salad raw food recipe

Winter beetroot salad

A warming salad with lovely colours. There’s a reason we see in colour — so we’re magnetised to high antioxidant food. Pat yourself on the back and make this at the same time because you’re great at being you.

Serves one as a side salad. Multiply quantities for more! Will keep for one day when refrigerated in a sealed container.

20g flatleaf parsley
10 olives, pitted
1 raw beetroot
10g Clearspring sea salad
1/2 avocado

Soak the sea salad in water for ten minutes, then drain and rinse.

Skin, stone and cube the avocado, grate the beetroot, shred the parsley and slice the olives.

Add all ingredients to a plate and mix well.

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