Dale Pinnock

Dale Pinnock The Medicinal Chef Spills The Beans

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I am super excited to release another episode of Shazzie TV, a series of feature length interviews with people I know you will love. Enjoy my beautiful one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NONmeskNzd0 In this episode I share a cuppa with…

😚 Your Top Business Tips

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Hi lovely THE VAULT OF LOVE IS GROWING I love how you're loving my biz vault, and more people are signing up to it every day. Today I've got another corker for you from my actual business club. It's called Shazzie's Top Business Tips. 17…

It's Time To Feel Ecstatic

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Hi beautiful WOOHOO... ARE YOU READY FOR THE RAMPAGE? Your feedback has been amazing, you are loving your Xmas vault... Today's gift comes in a very tiny package, so take care while unwrapping it. It's two and a half minutes that will…

6 Top Tips To Help You Create A Successful Online Course

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Hi gorgeous I want to talk to you today about changing the world. For a change. I help ethical people start ethical businesses. Who am I to do that? I'm an author of five books including Naked Chocolate, the book that kick started the…

Free raw food recipes -- Winter beetroot salad

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Raw food recipe Winter beetroot salad A warming salad with lovely colours. There's a reason we see in colour -- so we're magnetised to high antioxidant food. Pat yourself on the back and make this at the same time because you're great at…

Free raw food recipe -- Hard cheeze

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Raw food recipe Hard cheeze This has a real proper cheesy taste and texture. Everyone loves it. Makes one big tub of cheeze. Keeps for two weeks when refrigerated in a sealed container. 300g raw cashew nuts 100g coconut butter 1…