The world’s longest blog helps you go raw

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Hey Saucepot

Is this the world’s longest blog?

Maybe it is, it’s been around in several forms but it all started way back in January 2000. Why? Because I wanted to be accountable and share my excitement about the food and lifestyle I’d found that I knew would change my life forever.

But the diet wasn’t the only thing that changed my life. This blog did, too. BIG TIME… If you’re into the idea of having a change of career, read this for some super duper inspiration… Having a (currently) 15.5 year blog has enabled me to stay at the top of my tree all this time, it’s given me new products to launch, and it’s helped masses of people. Win win 😉


My extraordinary raw food blog story

I went raw in 2000 because I felt like rubbish, wanted the ground to open me up and swallow me whole, and I was a bit too chubby, pushing a UK size 14. I instantly lost weight, got great skin, had boundless energy and ultimately altered my whole life. I am convinced that if I hadn’t blogged this transformation, I wouldn’t have gone so far with it. I held myself publicly accountable for the changes I was making, and it worked!

In 2000, the Internet was still quite young but the message from the Universe was so strong to “journal my raw food excursion”, that I just had to do it. I wrote it in great detail and millions of people read about it. Well, as I said, the Internet was still quite young so there wasn’t much else on there to read, and no one even used the word blog in those days!

Over the years, my blog has changed and grown up with me, but I have kept every single word from all that time ago, knowing that it’d one day make a difference to people in a more useful way.

I gained significant insights on my journey and that’s what helped me decide to do something unique with my old blog posts. First, I took them off the web, because I didn’t want people to think that was now — that’s one of the things with the Internet, yesterday is today!

Next, I knew I wanted to pass along my insights to you, but to be honest I’m way too disorganised and busy doing nothing to be a coach or even to do many public events (I might do one a year these days!). So I thought hard about how I could give you all this hindsight I’d collected. How could I make sure you don’t suffer deficiencies when you embarked on your raw food journey, like I did? How could I give you recipe tips in real time? How could I help you when you start to feel like an alien in a mad world?

And I came up with this… A serialised monthly raw food journal ebook, with a twist! The twist is that it’s got me coaching myself with that well needed hindsight. When you read the ebook, you’ll see how it works, and I really hope it makes being a raw foodist easier for you.

And then I put that, along with thousands of other life mastery tools all into a membership site, that you can join now for a free trial…


Look, even if you’re not raw, you need at least 50% raw food in your daily life to function correctly, so take a peek at the first free ebook in the membership site and figure out how you can get more nutrients, more raw food and more vibrancy into your every day life.


And if it inspires you, why not set up your own raw food blog, and see what changes it makes to your life?

Blogging about raw food way back in 2000 led to me writing five books, starting up (and selling!) Europe’s biggest raw food company and having my own TV series broadcast to millions. If you start your raw food blog now, can you imagine where it will lead?

Bliss U


PS: You read it right, you can get into my life mastery site and take a completely free trial. Just sign up here and take the tour of love.