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Raw food recipe

Sea seeds raw food recipe

Sea seeds

Everyone loves to munch on crunchy seeds, rammed with nutrition. These great nibbles are easy to put in a packed lunch, and handy between meal times.

This recipe takes a few days to prepare, but the tasty results keep for at least six months when stored in a sealed container.

100g sunflower seeds
100g pumpkin seeds
10g Seagreens
20ml hemp sauce
1 lemon

The seeds need to be soaked and sprouted first. Soak all the seeds in water overnight, then in the morning rinse and drain them and leave to rest for a few hours. Rinse them again that afternoon, and then at night. The following morning rinse and drain the seeds one last time.

Sprinkle on the Seagreens and hemp sauce. Thinly slice the lemon and mix the slices into the seeds. Remove any loose lemon pips.

Spread the mixture onto lined dehydrator trays. Dehydrate at 115°F/46°C for 12-18 hours until completely dry and crispy.

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