6 Top Tips To Help You Create A Successful Online Course

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Hi gorgeous I want to talk to you today about changing the world. For a change. I help ethical people start ethical businesses. Who am I to do that? I'm an author of five books including Naked Chocolate, the book that kick started the…
Divinity In A Box

What's Happened To All My Online Courses?

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Hi beautiful Yep, ALL my online courses have disappeared! New 2 Raw, Shazzie Speaks and Divinity In A Box are all gone. Why? Because they are great courses full of wonderful info, but I don't want to spend time promoting them as…

Start Your Revolution Now

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What's your vision of love? If there was one thing you could do to change the world... A thing you know is in your grasp. Actually possible. What would it be? Ok. Scrub that. Rewind. How the flipping blink do we know what's possible…

Free raw food recipes -- Winter beetroot salad

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Raw food recipe Winter beetroot salad A warming salad with lovely colours. There's a reason we see in colour -- so we're magnetised to high antioxidant food. Pat yourself on the back and make this at the same time because you're great at…

Free raw food recipe -- Hard cheeze

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Raw food recipe Hard cheeze This has a real proper cheesy taste and texture. Everyone loves it. Makes one big tub of cheeze. Keeps for two weeks when refrigerated in a sealed container. 300g raw cashew nuts 100g coconut butter 1…

Free raw food recipe -- Olive and sundried tomato focaccia

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Raw food recipe Olive and sundried tomato focaccia So tasty and shockingly like the real thing. We double this recipe when we make it, and sometimes we add a twist by swirling raw vegan pesto through it. You can also vary this recipe by…