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Great news… world changing, in fact. The Active Channel has commissioned my TV series, Raw Kitchen!!!!!! We’re finalising things right now, but it won’t take long to do, so watch out, world. RAW FOOD IS COMING TO THE TELEVISION.

Please spread the word!

I want the whole of the raw food community to know about this amazing news! If you have a raw food blog or if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please let your friends and followers know that the world’s first raw food TV show has been born.

I’m so utterly excited. It’s my dream to make raw food mainstream. Even if people only eat 50% raw food, the benefits are HUGE and we need to feel good right now, more than ever, don’t we?

The first pilot for the show has so far received a whopping 24,000 views in just three or four days. The second part of the pilot has just gone live, too.

Raw Kitchen

This is really huge news for the raw food community, as it’s the first time we’ve had our own TV show. I am now actively looking for superstar guests to join me. If you’re an amazing raw food chef, wild food expert, fermenting wizard or anything else, please get in touch. You must have good camera presence and be able to travel to my home in Sussex.

Thank you

… to all of you who left comments about the show. They really helped. Here is a selection, from The Active Channel’s web site.

“What a great first episode. Shazzie is a walking advert for the raw lifestyle and it’s wonderful that she’s passing on her knowledge in this accessible way. I hope there will be many more episodes – especially with some guilt-free raw desserts (and raw chocolate!). I have a lot of raw recipe books but nothing is as good as having a pro prepare food in front of your eyes! More episodes as soon as possible please Shazzie.” — Tracy Macheta

“Awesome – great this is coming into main stream tv. Well done Shazzie, hope to see lots more of your amazing health giving recipes on tv.” — Ruth

“A very good show. Shazzie shows you how simple making raw food is. Keep up the good work, we need more people to see how easy it is and how great they’ll feel!” — Fabrizio Poli

“This is fab! I’ve been into raw/whole foods for over a decade now, and this show was much inspiration for me… even with all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. Shazzie is a lovely example of health, and it’s great to have her assistance via visual instruction. LOVE IT! 🙂 x” — my lovely PA, Rebecca Leaverton

“I’m soooo excited to see Shazzie doing this show. Her book changed my life. She gives a practical, simple yet really elegant demonstration of this mouth watering dish while educating us so much. Can’t beat that! I want more more more please!” — Stephana

“Absolutely brilliant! So good to see real, raw food being made and spreading the word. Going to a BBQ next week and taking some salads ( the others can kill themselves with the cooked stuff!) and I’ll def be making this as one of them. Thanks Shazzie, keep spreading the love! xx” — Sarah Wareham

“My mouth is watering!! Thank you Shazzie xX” — Sally Strawberry

“In the past my raw pasta has been too waterey. It was helpful to see Shazzie using the oil-rehydrated sundried tomatoes and the olive tapenaud which by coating the corgette spirals keeps the water inside the vegetable as it adds flavor to the dish… can’t wait to try her recipe.” — Patricia

“I think the explanations behind your ingredient choices are the most important bit of rawveg evangelism — even if the food itself is the most effective! 🙂 Thanks for tackling the lies of omission pervasive in most food marketing and eaters/buyers’ minds! I wish more rawveg shows would address the larger context of their cuisine more. Thanks for your information density, Shazzie!” — Philodygmn

“Amazing! I want to see part 2! I plan to make this recipe soon. I love the little side business of breaking down the health factors behind salt and pasta. Great episode I want more!” — Meghan

“This looks fabulous -I’m definitely going to have this for tea.So quick & easy. I’d love to see the other recipe too. Please could we have more Shazzie raw recipe demos? Thanks” — Janette G Pearson

“Excellent presentation. Loved the simplicity and nutritional component. Well Done Shazzie. loved it and hope we will see a lot more, maybe a series of them :)” — Ruth

“WOW! We need more shows like this to spread the word about healthier foods. People have no idea the possibilities until we tell them. Great work and very well done!” — Christina

“Wow, fantastic. We definitely need something like this and I will definitely be watching it.. So please please please make it in to a series! Love it xx” — Michaela

“What a great show! I am going to try this dish tonight. Shazzie makes this look so easy! I am really looking forward to the next show and will be telling all of my friends as well!” — Ravinder, Hay House author and InnerTalk inventor Eldon Taylor‘s wife

“Great stuff Shazzie – definitely YOUR kitchen so stands to reason to be Shazzie’s Kitchen as it gives it that personal feel – and it will attract more people to share in your delights! I love the recipe – am going to make that for sure this week! And SO looking forward to that custard tart – blimey! x” — Our beloved Victoria Leith

“Very cool, Shazzie is wonderful and raw food rocks! I’m excited to see what else will be covered in this show!” — Katie

“Fantastic show, really looking forward to the series! Keep up the excellent work Shazzie, you rock 🙂 xxx” My wonderful sister Jennie

And what did my mum say on Facebook when she found out it was being made into a series? Only this…

“I can’t tell you how much my heart is beating right now, I am so pleased for you after all the very hard work you have put into bringing the raw food movement into the country, no the world. and all the love and healing you give to everyone you meet. I am so crying right now.”

Isn’t it amazing to have a gorgeous and supportive family?

Three cheers for The Active Channel!

If you feel moved, please “like” The Active Channel’s facebook page. They have taken a pioneering step to bring raw food to the tellyworld. I’d love it if you showed them some big love and thanks right now. Here’s their page and their Twitter account, please follow them there, too:


You can find The Active Channel on Sky 281. It’s Europe’s biggest health and fitness channel.

I want to personally thank Max and Matti, two of the loveliest people from the telly that I’ve ever met. Since my farcical Channel 5 appearance, I’ve only accepted two TV slots. One was for Market Kitchen with the wonderful Tom Parker Bowles, and this. When I got the email from Max to work on a documentary with him, I’d normally turn it down, but something in me said “do it” and now I know why. Max is a producer from heaven and I’m blissed to have fed him raw delights over my breakfast bar 😉 Always listen to your instinct, it will serve your higher self, time and again more than thought ever could. That’s probably the biggest business tip I could ever give you. Let your instinct be heard by clearing your mind, body and spirit and then you can broadcast your message to the world, too.

Bliss U

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  1. Patricia from Florida
    Patricia from Florida says:

    I can’t believe it’s finally happening. Shazzie, I am so loving this!!! Finally, a raw food tv show! We (in the U.S.) have a similar alternative health tv channel that I am ALWAYS browsing to see if there are any episodes of any show that perhaps might talk about raw food. Of course, I am always looking through the normal Food Network and Fitness TV channels, too. But NOW!!! You’ve done it. And it was exceptional!!!I hope you can always give us access here.

  2. melissa mango
    melissa mango says:

    Well done Shazzie! I have been peakin’ in on your over the years and I applaud you for the hard work and dedication! Many Lives will shift dramatically from this! Can I come play with you in the kitchen?! MM

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