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We did it!

Raw food finally went mainstream at 4.30pm BST today on Sky 281 with the launch of my brand new show, Raw Kitchen. Yes, you read that right, the WORLD’S FIRST RAW FOOD TV SHOW IS HERE! Phew. That’s another revolution taken care of.

I’m so utterly excited. It’s my dream to make raw food mainstream. Even if people only eat 50% raw food, the benefits are HUGE and we need to feel good right now, more than ever, don’t we?

The program aired was the pilot, that we’ve been enjoying for a week or so already on the Internet. It’s now been viewed around 40,000 times, but now MILLIONS will get to see it on the telly. It’s smashing all their other shows!!!

Chef John Bailey makes a summer berry tart.

Oh, and this is what it all looks like, in my very sparkly brand new kitchen. Due to its popularity, we are going to alter the format of the show, so I’ll be out and about with raw food in shops, cafes and on the street. Guess it’s time to take of the agoraphobe-cloak for good, then.

Raw Kitchen

This is really huge news for the raw food community, as it’s the first time we’ve had our own TV show. I am now actively looking for superstar guests to join me. If you’re an amazing raw food chef, wild food expert, fermenting wizard or anything else, please get in touch. You must have good camera presence and be able to travel to my home in Sussex.

Three cheers for The Active Channel!

If you feel moved, please “like” The Active Channel’s facebook page. They have taken a pioneering step to bring raw food to the tellyworld. I’d love it if you showed them some big love and thanks right now. Here’s their page and their Twitter account, please follow them there, too:


You can find The Active Channel on Sky 281. It’s Europe’s biggest health and fitness channel.

I want to personally thank Max and Matti, two of the loveliest people from the telly that I’ve ever met. Since my farcical Channel 5 appearance, I’ve only accepted two TV slots. One was for Market Kitchen with the wonderful Tom Parker Bowles, and this. When I got the email from Max to work on a documentary with him, I’d normally turn it down, but something in me said “do it” and now I know why. Max is a producer from heaven and I’m blissed to have fed him raw delights over my breakfast bar 😉 Always listen to your instinct, it will serve your higher self, time and again more than thought ever could. That’s probably the biggest business tip I could ever give you. Let your instinct be heard by clearing your mind, body and spirit and then you can broadcast your message to the world, too.

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