Licking the Big Apple

Shazzie and Philip McCluskey at Donna Karan's Urban Zen event

Shazzie and Philip McCluskey at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen event

I took a trip to New York. Hung out with efriends that I’ve known for years and never met in Ye Olde 3D Worlde. Ate more in 48 hours than in a week. They have raw food restaurants coming out of their ears. Like with about fifty choices of what to eat. What can a girl do, other than eat?

First, the Urban Zen Foundation event called us. Donna Karan on stage, wanting to make a change, now, and calling for all to join together. The words “Raw Food” mentioned a million times. “How raw can you go?” was on the questionnaire. “I always go all the way”, wrote The Doxtor. Kris Carr hosted a panel of switched on 4D Doctors. Jubb was outrageously 8D, and needed to be. How do we get healthy food in hospitals was a debate. I couldn’t listen. That’s too symptomatic for me. Education and divine instinctive connection, from the ground up is the only way we get healthy. Then hospitals can be used to cure tramua not diet-related illnesses. Chat with Dr Junger on systemic enzymes for heart release.

Quintessence was a mix of Philip McCluskey, Dhrumil, Mia and a dreaded guy called Chase who was blown away by manifesting us all together.

Shazzie and megablogger Gala Darling at Pure Food & Wine

Shazzie and megablogger Gala Darling at Pure Food & Wine

“Well, we are in a raw food cafe” Said The Doxtor. I had two cashew chia lattes. One was enough but I grew an extra stomach because it was too good. We shared hand rolls make with fofu (a nut and irish moss based “tofu”), mexican dips and chips, chive and onion cheeze, and then I had a huge bowl of broccoli with cheezy sauce. Conversation was bright and light. Food was huge, great quality, vibrant and green. Even when guzzling, u gotta guzzle green.

Central Park was stunning. You just can’t get an idea of the scale of it from the movies. We spent about two hours in it and only covered one small corner.

Pure Food and Wine was divine. The company made perfection dribble down our throats like warm melted love. Interstellar Gala Darling, Smiler of the year Raw Model, Too amazing for words Kris Carr (from Crazy Sexy Cancer fame) all joined us for this wonderous occasion. Smiles and sweet conversation from Sarma made me feel HOME and LOVE. The Americans were excited that a supermodel called Tyson with large diamond earrings sat next to us. They told him to start Twittering. Even Oprah has caught the Twitter bug today.

Shazzie loves jet lag

Shazzie loves jet lag

Photos  are “borrowed” from friends as iPhone ate all mine. Even the one of Dhrumil sitting cross-legged working two macboys at the same time. I forgive it because it’s beautiful. This time. Just because I ate seven days worth of food in 24 hours does not give iPhone permission to do same with phonetos. Really.

Bliss U


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  1. erikaflorence
    erikaflorence says:

    NYC? Are you doing any events here?

  2. erikaflorence
    erikaflorence says:

    NYC? Are you doing any events here?

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