How to use sleep to wake up


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There’s a weird connection between sleep and the process of spiritual awakening and I want to give you some tips if you’re experiencing any oddness around this.

The dream state is connected to the fifth dimension. We can access what we need when asleep and bring it back into our daily life to help us awaken. That’s if we know how, and if we sleep well enough. Which can be an issue when going through an awakening!

Argh! It could be a hamster wheel, this one! Let me straighten it all out for you:

Get enough sleep

To be able to fully dream, and fully access other dimensions, you must get enough sleep. That means defo no caffeine after midday. Eat lettuce before bed, it helps you sleep. Take melatonin, it’s a natural sleep hormone that actually detoxes the brain as well as helps you sleep.

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Detox yourself

In these times of en-lighten-ment, we just can’t eat the same foods as we once could. Do a juice cleanse or eat lightly for two meals a day if you can’t do a juice cleanse. Cut out fried foods, anything artificial and anything with GMO in it. Choose organic and wild foods, and eat at least 50% raw food. Sleep should be deeper once you’ve detoxed, and your dreams will be different, offering you more clarity.

Make notes

Your dreams are telling you something, so remember them by jotting them down the moment you wake up, and patch them together to understand what’s going on. A secret about dreams — everyone in the dream is you! Everyone is a facet of you so you can see yourself clearer. Now hit that head on your pillow and keep a notepad under it…

Make the most of your going to sleep and waking up time

During the fifteen minutes before going to sleep and after waking up, you’re in a highly suggestible state. Play guided meditations or repeat affirmations during this time. When going to sleep, ask for messages and help in your dreams. You will get them.

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If you can’t sleep

There are reasons for you not being able to sleep. Ask your subconscious to show you. You may have to figure something out, you may have to start a new project or you may have to organise something in your house. As we enter the fifth dimension, everything we have and surround ourselves with matters, and it has to reflect the emerging new you. Get out of bed, sit with yourself and listen to the messages of why you can’t sleep.

A while ago I couldn’t sleep for weeks. I asked why this was happening and I started writing, at 2am. For three whole hours I filled pages of notes, stuff that really hadn’t had the time to come out of me during the day. Once I’d got it ALL OUT, I was sleeping normally again. Phew.

If you don’t dream

There may be times that you are not dreaming, and you’re in the fifth dimension, “downloading” information. You may even astral travel without intending to, but don’t worry, it’s becoming so normal you’ll soon be discussing it over the photocopier at work.

Know that it’s all OK

These times are pretty weird for all of us, so it’s easy to get caught in the thought that you aren’t safe, you’re going mad or that it won’t be OK. And it’s just as easy to know you are safe, sane and it is all OK. Think the thoughts that make you feel the best. This is your practise for the age of instant manifestation. If you dream, don’t dream, wake up, can’t sleep, and you can’t change it easily, it means it’s supposed to be like that. Relax and let go, you are held…

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