Hi beautiful

In the summer this year I began asking myself repeatedly “what do I want to do when I grow up?”

I can’t do business training when I’m 80 😂

And I can’t just chill in my self made paradise watching our amazing planet go down the drain, humans tearing each other apart, and animals being treated horribly.

Maybe you feel the same at the moment and have asked yourself:

“But what can I do?” 😳

We don’t have to be politicians or protesters to change the world.

We just have to go still and quiet long enough to hear that voice within, because we all have our unique answer.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, for weeks.

Then one day, as I was letting Ripley out for his 4am wee I heard a voice in my head.


Frankie Goes To Hollywood wasn’t playing on my brain jukebox so I figured it must be a different record.

And as I stood watching my fluffball frolicking in the garden without a care in the world, one of those cartoon lightbulbs appeared above my head.


“When I grow up I want to do meditations.”

In that moment a crack in the universe opened up and I floated straight through it, with a sigh of relief.

It felt like my destiny had just welcomed me with cotton wool arms.

I’ve already created several meditations, one being the million download Sleep Easily Meditation, that’s been listened to over THREE BILLION TIMES.

I’ve sent a lot of people to sleep with that.

And now it’s time to wake them up.

❤️❤️❤️ WITH LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

Since that moment I’ve been asking the universe… “How can I make a living with meditations?”

I was planning on monetising them with ads on YouTube but honestly I could see years of hard work in front of me.

Shazzie doesn’t do hard work 👀👸

Then last week in one of my business masterminds, one of my clients came on to speak.

She said since August, Insight Timer had improved their monetisation and now she 👉 earns a living from it 👈

Two years ago I half heartedly created a teacher profile on Insight Timer but I wasn’t ready.

Clearly Insight Timer wasn’t ready either.

But now it is, and they’ve just published some of my tracks and have accepted me as a Teacher and I can also create premium content.

I’m about to make an Insight Timer plan for the coming year. I can do meditations, bedtime stories, courses and talks, all as audio files.

I’m uploading existing stuff first. Then I’ll create new stuff.

I will also go live on video inside the app to help you on your journey to change the world with your Vision Of Love.

If you want me to create anything specific, let me know. I’m at your service.

And for now, I invite you to celebrate with me.

After I put my pen down for the final time once I’d written my fifth book in 2009…

👸 I’m an author again 👸

Please follow me here NOW and share this so your loved ones can feel lovely with my meditations too.

You can also open your Insight Timer app and search Shazzie, then click “follow”.

Shazzie is on Insight Timer
Shazzie is on Insight Timer

Here’s my bio

Since 2000, Shazzie has been helping others live naturally and authentically with her five groundbreaking books (Rawcreation Ltd UK & North Atlantic Publishing USA), million download Sleep App (Diviniti Publishing) and Sky TV Series (Raw Kitchen on Sky Active Channel & LA Muscle).

Shazzie’s big goal is to change the world.

That’s why her online courses, clubs, previous retail business and her current business training are all unique resources for those who want to change the world too.

As well as hosting her TV series on Sky, Shazzie has appeared as a guest on Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC 4, BBC Radio London, Hay House Radio and more.

She’s been interviewed for many magazines and national newspapers, such as Yoga, Woman’s Own, Closer, Red, The Independent, The Guardian and more.

For twelve years, Shazzie co-hosted a Shamanic Temple called The Heart Centre, which saw thousands of people gently transform their lives.

Shazzie has produced many meditations during her lengthy online career, some with Diviniti Publishing, some self published.

She looks forward to creating many more, so she can help more people live a more joyful life.

Shazzie lives with her fluffball Ripley, and her daughter in beautiful East Sussex, UK.

Shazzie is on Insight Timer

Bliss U


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