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Start Your Online Business in 24 Hours

Hi gorgeous I hope you are starting to come out of shock now, and are feeling up to making plans for our brave new world. The medics, delivery drivers, shop workers and so many more are doing an amazing job at keeping us all going as we…

The 3 Fears You Need To Overcome To Quit Your Job

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Do this if you're dreaming of starting a business Hi gorgeous Ah, the sun is out, it's 17 degrees and I'm gonna hit the beach with my dog as soon as I'm done writing this for you. On Thursday I did four Facebook Lives -- all stories about…

💥 Your biz vault explodes at midnight

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Hi beautiful YOU CAN STILL DOWNLOAD YOUR BIZ VAULT Today, bang on midnight, your Xmas Biz Vault will self destruct. Inside the vault there are 23 24 inspiring tools to help you build your ethical business in 2019. You'll be able to download…

😚 Your Top Business Tips

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Hi lovely THE VAULT OF LOVE IS GROWING I love how you're loving my biz vault, and more people are signing up to it every day. Today I've got another corker for you from my actual business club. It's called Shazzie's Top Business Tips. 17…

A Million Selling Self Help Author

Hi my lovely ARE YOU ENJOYING YOUR XMAS GIFTS? I really hope you are well into your gifts by now -- you've had workspace organisational help, your mind blown open and all those preconceptions about money and spirituality shattered... DISCOVER…

Here's Your Third Gift

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Hi gorgeous HOW'S YOUR PLUNDERING GOING? So you've found out how to organise your workspace for your budding business, and you've had your mind blown open by the incredible John Demartini... Now to today's gift... SPIRITUAL AND FINANCIAL…