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Hands up if you’re guilty of this?

You take on far more projects than you can handle, you don’t ever have time to do them all correctly and then you’re so knackered from trying to do them all and failing, you collapse in a heap and secretly wonder if you should go back to the 9-5 daily grind.

Yikes! Is that you? Yes?

And because it’s work related it feels even worse, because you know that you naturally don’t put as much effort into the bits you don’t like, so all your projects fail at exactly the same hurdle. All of them.

So, instead of recognising that, you think “oh, no one wants this product, I’ll create a new product”… And you pop yourself back on the “doing too much at once” treadmill once again.

Hamster, much?

Well I have the best solution for you on the planet. It’s revolutionary and will bring you towards success faster than you imagined possible.

How to avoid product creation overwhelm

JUST DO ONE THING… And breathe. There, that’s all you need to do.

“But what do you mean, Shazzie?” And: “HOW can I just do one thing, have you seen my to do list?”

This is what I mean, and I’ll top trump your to do list any day of the week:

❤️ Think of a product or service
❤️ Ask your audience what they think
❤️ Tweak according to feedback
❤️ Create said concept
❤️ Launch said concept
❤️ Reap the financial rewards of said concept

Notice it’s LINEAR and doesn’t have pauses or breaks or diversions.

And now for the trick that makes this simple process work with even the best procrastinators in the land.

NOTICE where you get stuck

If you are in the rut we already spoke about, you will see it. For some it’ll be getting stuck on the idea, for others it’ll be getting stuck on the tech side of things, for others it’ll be on finding the right clients who want the product or service.

In fact, there are a million sub-places you could get stuck while going through this process. You just have to be honest with yourself and you’ll see it. Heck, you might even have a long held belief that you’re not good enough and so you sabotage your work so you don’t ever have to release it to the world. You? Never!

The final step to this JUST DO ONE THING process is GET HELP

We, especially in the UK, are awful at seeking or accepting help. Even worse at paying for it.

But if you don’t change the way you do things, you will stay stuck. For ever. It won’t change, it can’t change, no matter how many products you attempt to launch (think Catherine Wheel that doesn’t spin properly on Bonfire night, then just fizzles out).

So what does help look like? It differs for us all.

If you have a great product but can’t sell: either buy some awesome sales courses, go on a workshop, pay someone to sell for you or go into partnership with a sales person or team.

If you have a great idea but can’t write: contract a writer from Upwork or elsewhere, or write it and get a great editor.

If you don’t know how to do graphics for your product slides: buy some templates or contract someone to do it for you.

Disorganise with systems: Pledge to become a systems superstar or get help from one of those people who understand filing! They do exist.

Can you see the common theme?

You can either learn and apply or delegate.

Whatever you do, don’t sit there, floundering and doing nothing, going round in endless circles, because you’ll just feel awful and the world will never experience the pleasure of receiving your unique gifts.

You see, you aren’t limited by problems, you are only ever limited by how you respond to them.

Actually, I often go American at this stage and don’t even recognise problems… Only opportunities for growth. Y’all.

Because ultimately, business is a spiritual practise… When you put your heart and soul into something that repeatedly fails, you know that’s where your biggest area for self development, growth and realisation lies.

Listen to yourself. You’ve got this. And remember to breathe.

Now, does that feel better?

Bliss U

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