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Yep, ALL my online courses have disappeared!

New 2 Raw, Shazzie Speaks and Divinity In A Box are all gone.

Why? Because they are great courses full of wonderful info, but I don’t want to spend time promoting them as separate entities anymore. Since retiring in 2012, I only work a few hours a week and my courses needed more than I could give them.

But like I said, the content is good in those products, and they’ve helped thousands of you to achieve great health, to find your destiny and to shift your mind patterns.

I defo didn’t want to lose them and I certainly didn’t want you to lose the chance of owning them!

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And I made them available to you one month at a time, so after being a member for 4 months, you’ll have them all, for the time you choose to stay a member, or for life if that’s what you choose.

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