Improved meditation apps for you ;-)

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Hi wonderful ONE

Do you have any of my guided meditations yet? You can get them for all your smartphones, iOS or Android.

Sleep Easily Meditation is one of the world’s most downloaded sleep apps. Almost half a million of you have already got it. People come up to me on a daily basis to tell me how much it helps them sleep — all with no dangerous pills!

My publishers recently upgraded the apps for a better listening experience, so if you have them, please upgrade them in your app store now.

What’s different?

  1. There’s a new loop feature
  2. The sleep app now has a stay asleep or wake up feature
  3. All are fully compatible with the latest operating systems
  4. AND as a gift to you, we’ve added THREE new affirmation audio files (written and recorded by myself) to all the paid apps. These audio files have the power to radically change your thoughts and your life when used regularly. I can’t wait to see what they do for you!

What are the apps?

Here are all the apps and a link to them on iOS (our biggest platform).

Guided meditations by Shazzie


Bliss U








PS: If you know anyone who is suffering with insomnia, stress or anxiety right now, please let them know about Sleep Easily Meditation. As I’ve said, it’s free, and it’s helping about half a million people relax and drop off safely.