Confidence Retreat To Elevate Your Life In Three Days

Ready to overcome self doubt, fear of failure and lack of clarity to start living the life of your dreams?

You’re driven to live a blissful and positive life, yet self-doubt, fear of failure, and a lack of clarity may be standing in your way.

This three day online instant retreat helps you dissolve these challenges and supports you to fully embrace your life with a profound sense of fulfilment.

What to expect

Insightful Exploration & Visualisation

Delve into the three main causes that could be holding you back from finding true contentment.

Practice On The Spot

Practice alongside me as you study your course so you can feel yourself shift, experience moments of bliss and open up more to life instantly.

Confidence Course

A New Tool To Take With You

Acquire a new and simple self healing tool that will help you continue dissolving barriers and propel you forward until you are where you want to be.

Is this for you?

This confidence course is presented in a relaxing retreat style environment to help you let go of everything that’s holding you back.

It’s ideal for seekers, wellness enthusiasts and those passionate about change, even if you’re uncertain about how you want your life to look at the moment.

It incorporates my BLISS WEAVING METHOD that helps you swiftly identify what’s holding you back, then guides your body and mind to gently unravel the issues so you can recreate your life in a way that feels authentic to you.

Honed through decades of my own spiritual exploration, this method infuses each lesson, meaning you’ll feel yourself transform throughout the course and beyond.

My countless clients have overcome their confidence issues using this fast acting self healing method.

Now it’s your turn

Maybe you know the direction you want to go in, or maybe you don’t.

Either way, your confidence seems to have faltered, leaving you wondering how to move forward.

When your confidence takes a hit, usually one or more of these three underlying issues are affecting you:

🌸 Self-doubt could be holding you back from confidently pursuing those exciting goals

🌸 Fear of failure may be paralysing your decision-making and hindering your progress

🌸 Lack of clarity, could be blocking you from seeing what you really want, so you jump from idea to idea without a plan

If you recognise yourself in these statements, then you’re in the right place:

In this three day retreat you’ll take your first steps into developing unwavering confidence by practicing my powerful method called Bliss Weaving.

The more you practice this method over time, the more confident you’ll become.

Eventually, you’ll feel really strong and capable, and you’ll be able to make those big changes in your life that you’ve been dreaming about.

I’m Shazzie, your guide on this transformative journey

Since 2000, I’ve been supporting people like you to become the best version of yourself and discover a life laced with bliss.

With five books, a Sky TV series, a multiple eight figure business, decades of coaching and a million download meditation app under my belt, I feel honoured to bring a unique blend of insights, practical tools, and my very own Bliss Weaving Method to support you on your path to positive change.

On your journey towards developing the kind of confidence that allows you to step boldly into your own magnificence, you’ve probably dabbled in various personal development resources.

🌸 Maybe you’ve read all the self help books, looking for that one treasure that just wasn’t there.

🌸 Maybe you’ve listened to those well known podcasts that promote extreme solutions. Yet you’re just left thinking “No way on this earth will I ever get up at 5am!”

🌸 And maybe you’ve taken some online courses in confidence, yet you still don’t feel assertive enough to peep out of your shell.

While you might have found some temporary relief or useful tips with these methods, the lasting change you crave seems to always be just out of reach, and what you have in your life reflects that.

And because you’ve tried all these things and more, you know it’s not your lack of effort that’s stopping you reaching your true potential.

You’re left wondering: “If only there was a practise I can learn for myself that gently and simply undoes all the intense life events I’ve experienced.”

That’s where this three day home retreat comes in, because now you can finally claim your confidence as you practise my simple yet transformative method along side me, until you are ready to practise it alone.

This course goes beyond generic advice, and provides you with immediately effective tools to gently dissolve those stubborn barriers and catapult you forward.

Excited? Here’s how I’ll get you to Planet Confidence

You’ll discover three transformative lessons in this course, each dedicated to unravelling a significant confidence roadblock: self-doubt, fear of failure, and lack of clarity.

Each lesson starts with a visioning practise.

Your visions may not make sense to you, but they represent what needs clearing first, and they’ll change as you go through your process.

Next you’ll clear a layer of stuck energy in a gentle and calm way.

And finally you’ll begin to weave in the life you desire, so you can experience a positive shift in real time.

Through this dynamic approach, transformation isn’t just a distant promise—it becomes a tangible, immediate force guiding you towards your blissful life.

And guess what? My method is your eternal gift of transformation
You’ll eventually master my Bliss Weaving Method so that you can continue dissolving any future barriers as they arise, and catapult yourself to greater heights.

Your quest to become your most confident self is just the beginning of your amazing transformation. As you explore and grow, your life will change in incredible ways.

As you discover more about yourself, parts of you that were hidden will come to light, and you’ll feel very different inside.

This retreat:

🌸 IS YOURS FOREVER, just keep your login deets safe
🌸 IS STEP BY STEP, follow along with me and your audio files
🌸 HAS A GORGEOUS JOURNAL, so you can remember your transformational journey

🦄 Picture yourself starting each day filled with hope for what lies ahead

🦄 Imagine how your approach to life’s opportunities will transform

🦄 Think about how quickly you’ll be in harmony with your dreams

Are you ready to blast through your confidence challenges, so you can emerge as a more authentic, blissed out and fulfilled version of yourself?

Let’s get started:

Bliss U


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