What’s your vision of love?

If there was one thing you could do to change the world… A thing you know is in your grasp. Actually possible. What would it be?

Ok. Scrub that.


How the flipping blink do we know what’s possible until we’ve done it?


We don’t.

Jesus Christ. I remember being a solitary vegan holding it down for the future vegan peace keeping troops in the mid 1980s (count those years) and thinking “surely this weird cardboardy TVP and watery margarine isn’t what it’s all about?”

And u know what?

It wasn’t.


Fast forward to the early 2000s where I played a starring role in making the health foods movement sexy (phew again). Where raw chocolate became not only known but worshiped. Where superfoods became normal ingredients. Where raw foods flipped from being weird to so desirable and groovy, that megastars would order them from us by the pallet-load to take on world torus with them. (True dat).

Fast forward more to me starring in the world’s first and only raw food TV series, seen by many millions. My five books shaking the world. Dieticians running for the hills with their archaic advice. And so much more.

Fast forward to now, where our once revolutionary and crazy path has been fully integrated into mainstream culture.

Just think about that. Fast forward to a time I never knew would exist. To a time where our whole culture has changed as a result of my passions, love, persistence, vision and revolutionary spirit.

I could have never envisaged that.

And you can’t envisage how you will shape the world either. You can only guess.

And hope.

And plan.

And work harder than you knew was possible because you LOVE something bigger than yourself.

So where do you start when you know you want the world to be different but you don’t know how?

Here. With this 4 part video choc full of self-starting maverick visionary information that will light that spark in your heart.

Get it now. It’s FREE, and will make you ready to kick arse before the hour’s through.

Bliss U


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