How to eat raw food when travelling

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Eating raw food on the go has never been easier

Airports, layovers, hotels and long car journeys with service stations — they don’t seem to have any actual raw food in them, do they? Or do they? Let’s have a closer look at how you can eat delicious raw food even outside of your home.

Raw food for when you’re in the car

This is an easy one as all you need is a little preparation and a cool bag. If you’re going on a long journey, dehydrated raw foods are perfect — as long as you keep them in an air-tight container (and they don’t even need to be kept cold!) Bring crackers, kale chips, fruit roll-ups, bars and cookies. There can be something for everyone, but you may want to hide your raw chocolate in a different compartment!

In the cool bag, keep the bars of raw chocolate, a day’s worth of green smoothie, alfalfa sprouts, berries, avocados, cashew cheeze and nachos, a bag of greens and any powders you want to mix into your drinks once your rations of green drinks are long gone.

In your handbag or manbag, keep trail mixes, nuts and fruits like apples, bananas, pears and oranges.

No need to go hungry and if you’re truly stuck at the service station, raw foodists can opt for lots of fruit, salad, nuts and dried fruit and water. There is often freshly squeezed orange juice if you look hard enough.

Raw food for when you’re in the airport

Depending on which country’s airport you’re in will depend on the produce available! Most airports these days have restaurants that sell salads (which you can tailor to your own personal raw food needs) or at a push have shops that sell ready-made ones — just try and get them as natural as possible with no gloopy dressings on!

Always bring a superfood green powder with you that you can shake into any juice or water that you buy, pre-flight and on the plane.

Be prepared before your flight to hydrate yourself with amazing coconut water! A natural electrolyte, this will keep your body not only watered but balanced.

There are all sorts of rules and regulations now for taking water bottles onto planes so drink lots beforehand, go to the shops after your security check to get two litres of water (in glass bottles if possible) and don’t be afraid to keep asking for water on your flight.

Steer clear of the highly processed salty and sugary products they serve as meals as much of it will lead to you being dehydrated. Pre-order before you fly and if they don’t have a ‘raw food’ box option (some airlines do!) then tick vegan and see if they come up with any creative ways to serve you salad! You can also see your flight as a time to engage in a water fast — and if you’re allowed, stock up on crunchy high water content apples and a nibble of raw chocolate laced with superfoods!

Raw food for when you’re in the hotel

I have stayed in quite a few hotels over the years (actually I have a weird obsession with them!) and one thing that rings true for all of them is that yes, they serve croissants and jam and cooked brekkies with black pudding but they ALSO always have a good selection of raw foods in the form of fruit and greens. It’s about choices here. Yes, you can go for the former but think how good you will feel ALL DAY long if you choose the latter!

Go big on bananas at breakfast — eat three if you like! Check out their fresh juices, you may be amazed. One hotel I stay at has a fresh organic vegetable juice on tap. WELL! Take a couple of apples for the bag! Look at the buffets in hotels. There are often raw food options that aren’t labelled as such. One hotel I stayed at had a mountain of mini avocados, medjool dates and masses of pre-cut fresh fruit, celery, cucumber and tomatoes… for breakfast! Well, I was in heaven and ate for more than two!

Make Hotel soup. Me and Evie thrived on this for years when we were doing mucho hotels. Take fresh organic broccoli with you, some fresh miso, some shelled hemp seeds, a jar of raw almond butter and some Blue Manna. Use the glass bottled spring water that’s in your hotel room or bring your own to boil the kettle. Stop it before it’s actually boiled though, it just needs to be finger hot. Add a teaspoon of almond butter, a capsule of Blue Manna, some very small florets of broccoli, a teaspoon of hemp seeds and a teaspoon of miso to your hotel cup and mix it all together. Add a tiny amount of the hot water and mix again. Add the rest of the water, slip into the bath or pop onto the balcony and enjoy. Nobody makes soup in a cup like…

If you’re a regular at a particular hotel, ask them nicely if they will serve you up a nice smoothie or raw food salad or even put it on the menu for other guests!

Check out the menus when at a hotel and see what ingredients the have. With the biggest smile you can muster, ask “Please could you do me a salad with the following ingredients, that are all on your menu? I’d love it to be huge and I’m happy to pay extra for your effort.” If they aren’t smiling back, tip them BEFORE the meal, rather than after. How to win friends and get a raw food meal anywhere in the world in one easy move.

Always be one step ahead when you’re travelling. Always ask (because if you don’t ask, you’ll never get!) Be prepared and buen viaje!

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  1. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Just what I needed to hear today. I’m going to Holland in a few weeks and trying to decide what foods to take with me. This has given me some inspiration. xx

  2. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Hi Shazzie. I’m just wondering whether raw chocolate bars can be eaten more freely than normal choclate bars. For example, I would ever have allowed myself to eat choclate every day but is it feasible to eat a raw choclate bar at lunch every day without piling on the pounds?

    • Doxtor
      Doxtor says:

      Hey Naomi — Sometimes I eat a bar a day, but not every day. I do it for about a week, when I really fancy it. Fat is fat, and though raw plant fat is good for you, you don’t want to have too much of anything. Some tips: make your raw chocolates with only coconut oil (you have to keep them in the fridge), this is the best fat (IMHO!) and we can eat more of this. Mix up your days with a raw chocolate smoothie, pudding or hot chocolate to still get the chocolate taste and benefits but with less fat. Hope this helps!!! Much love and blissings xxx

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