10 weight loss tips for busy mothers

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How to lose weight while still having a life

They say time is on your side but you can’t seem to grasp it. Just how do you lose weight when you are super busy mother tasking?

1. Use the power of the minute for weight loss!

You have twenty four hours in the day but it’s sometimes hard to find a block of sixty minutes to go the gym, power walk, horse-ride, hoop or kick-box when you’re caring for your brood. Do not fear! The power of the minute is here! It takes a minute to drop down and do twenty sit-ups, and 20 press-ups. Do the plank every day for one minute. Run up and down the stairs for a minute. Dance like a whirling dervish for a minute. Short bursts of intense activity are sure fire ways to tone up and lose weight! One minute is all it takes. And we all can take just one minute!

2. Get your smoothie on! This is liquid weight loss.

Love your weight loss and it will love you back

Love your weight loss and it will love you back

Remember the days when roast dinners took about eight hours to prepare and cook (and then eat in about ten minutes!)? Make a big green power smoothie in the morning (it can take one minute!) Save time by making enough for breakfast AND lunch. Serve with a large green leafy salad, sun-dried tomatoes, crispy red onion, flax crackers and avocado. This is fast food at its finest. Fancy that!

3. Eat with your children — just don’t EAT your children!

Ok, what I really mean is don’t polish off what they leave on their plates! Eat your dinner  — let them eat theirs. Then you won’t have to spend more time exercising to burn off that extra fuel 😉 And if there are left-overs, don’t eat them and don’t throw them away. Let them be part of the next meal which means even less preparation later on! Part of mother-tasking is being efficient, looking ahead and sometimes, just sometimes… plate power!

4. Eat chocolate daily for weight loss

That’s right, eat it every day if you like! But make sure it’s dairy, sugar, wheat, heat and cruelty-free and eat a portion that will fit in the palm of your hand. Enjoy every bite — savour the unique taste and melting sensation on your tongue. Real chocolate can curb your appetite — it doesn’t leave you wanting more unlike the milky sugary varieties of mocklate you may have been used to over-eating in the past. Women who spend their time eating a little of what they fancy each day feel good about themselves. FACT!

5. Take five!

Everyone needs at least five minutes in the morning to themselves — to gather their thoughts, to plan their day, to give themselves a pep-talk and to visualise! What are you going to feed yourself today and what will you say ‘No thanks!’ to? Those five minutes of inner-planning will enable your day to unfold with ease and for you to sail through, eating the right foods while being a very busy person!

6. Be prepared!

Going to the park with your little ones? On a play-date? Shopping in town? When hunger strikes, if you’re not prepared then you will find yourself reaching for the snack that is not going to help you with your weight-loss goals. Get used to taking a lovely Bento Box around with you or a mini cool-bag. Pack it full of crunchy, raw veggies and fruits, a small handful of your favourite nuts and perhaps a piece of chocolate and a carton of coconut water. You will save time in the long-run AND you’ll be slimmer before you can say ‘dates are nature’s candy’!

7. Carry on walking

If your babe is still little enough to be snuggled in a sling, then no need to plan extra time for exercise — off you trundle for an hour’s walk with baby strapped on! You’ll build up a sweat in no time and the fresh air will work up an appetite for your next meal! If your child is too old for such carry-ons, then play your favourite CD (that ages me, doesn’t it! You can play a generic MP3 player mix!) and dance with them for 45 minutes! They will love it, you’ll get fit and it may also count as Physical Education if you’re home-schooling 😉

8. Women in the field

Do any exercise you love and dress up however you like for the sake of weight loss

Do any exercise you love and dress up however you like for the sake of weight loss

Get your buddies together — women with children, women without, women with slings, women with buggies… go to the nearest park and start jogging! Stretch up high, bend down low. Do 50 star-jumps! Run to the tall tree in the middle of the park and back again five times. Take it in turns to watch the children or let them trundle along with you. Play-date? Check! Time for personal fitness? Check! Hanging out time with friends? Check! Do this three times a week and you’ll soon feel your clothes get baggier!

9. Water yourself to weight loss, lovely flower!

Don’t forget to do this every day. Drink water! Lots of it! Keep hydrated and drink before meals, not during so as to not cause bloating and interfere with the digestive process. Frequent watering will help you feel great, keep you regular and help you shift those pounds. Include herbal infusions and coconut waters, nut mylks and special teas. Don’t waste time searching for water fountains… get a flask or a BPA-free bottle and keep these in your bag at all times. And then you’ll be able to count it as weight-bearing exercise too! (at least until you’ve drank it all!)

10. Sleep early, rise early

If you’re someone who prefers to have a good hour on her own to do some hardcore (or gentle) running, yoga, dancing, skipping or kayaking, and you have someone else around to help, go to bed an hour or two earlier  — and get up at the crack of dawn and off you go! If you don’t at present have a lovely person who shares your life then get a (really good) friend or relative to sleep over twice a week so that you can creep off to get your hour in whilst they sleep ‘on-call’ just in case there is an awakening in the household!

We’re all busy creatures these days but the key to getting fit and losing weight is looking at the ways you can fit it all in with what you’re already doing. The other key is support — lots of it. So don’t be afraid to ask for help or to skill-swap in exchange for precious time!

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  1. Louise Rushin
    Louise Rushin says:

    Shazzie .. you remind me ..of .. well me .. only I joined the revolution, a lot later than you.Having had my children stuck in a vile job,eating crap day in and day out,I was stuck,and in a rut,after the birth of my 2nd child in 2006,I found myself with post natal depression and even diagnosed with bipolar..given medication that bloated me out made me worse than I had or could have ever imagined. I really dont know what happened,but in jan 2011 I lost my best friend of 30 years to suicide,and altho it hurt a real deep hurt,something happened to me after almost 11months of grieving,My 40th birthday was fast approaching and I felt,looked like what I can only describe as crap,then this january I changed dont ask me how, like a butterfly in transformation, I took myself off medicants,re arranged my diet,and became vegitarian, then reserching I deceided vegan, & it was then that people started to say ” wow you sparkle .. omg you glow louise what are you doing ” for this I had no answer, it was this time I was 50% vegan raw, so I delved deeper,and found indeed it was the rawness, Then I found you .. today infact, and all my thoughts and all my suspisions had come to fruition, yeah Id been to holland & barret n bought things like maca and flax, but now I have met you in the cyber world Im even more excited.. Thank you Shazzy you have made my day .. Louise the new rawfoodest !!

    • Doxtor
      Doxtor says:

      Wow Louise… beautiful story. Yes, you remind me of me too 😉 Enjoy flapping those beautiful wings, sweetheart. Much love and blissings xxx

    • Andrea Joy
      Andrea Joy says:

      thank you for your inspiration ladies, my turn is arriving……what can you say to me to just take that step….I am soooooo near
      I am 39 fast approaching 40, one 2yr old son, 3 st heavier than i would like and is healthy, under increasing pressures to do with abundance, feelings of stress and anxiety tho spirtually conected helps a lot ….xxx thank you for ANY time you can give to a reply….love from a goddess friend of yours X

  2. Alana
    Alana says:

    Brill article for busy mums! I put the baby in a sling and started walking the school run instead of finding an excuse to go to the supermarket after and take the car! I stuck a sweat suit on and the weight was soon falling off! I feel better (and my skin looks much nicer!) I would recommend these tips but advise you to get a sweat suit as well! (I got mine at http://www.sweatsuits.co.uk) cos it has made me feel like a yummy mummy and not a scummy mummy!

  3. Nadia
    Nadia says:

    Love your advice Shazzie..relevant, insightful & funny too..keep it coming please 🙂

  4. Fat Loss Factor Review
    Fat Loss Factor Review says:

    Awesome blog, you are so right about “get your smoothie on” I love it. I started juicing about 10 days ago and it’s amazing. Thanks for all your great information!

  5. Joe
    Joe says:

    Your Blog on “10 weight loss tips for busy mothers” has great tips that mothers should really try. Its not hard to eat less (portion size), it does take discipline though to stick with any plan. I suggest for anyone to read through the tips and pick out what fits you, find a few that may work for you. If you like it then you are more likely to stick to it.

    My Best to All,

  6. Norma
    Norma says:

    The biggest excuse factor always seem to be lack of time. After reading these time saver tips I have run out of excuses. Particularly like Carry on Walking with baby strapped. Thanks no more excuses.

  7. Helen Hoekstra
    Helen Hoekstra says:


    Evie’s kitchen is one of my all time favorite books and just beforeCchristmas I decided to purchase myself a copy just for me!
    I bought it off your website and while I was there I decided to throw in one or two extras. I was delighted when I heard that I could fetch my parcel but devastated to find out that the South African government saw my parcel as a nice way to make an extra buck and apply some more insanely ridiculous laws! Because there are supplements in my parcel I need to apply at the revenue services for a medical permit to release my precious parcel. They will not give me just the book out for now, unless I let them destroy the rest of the contents!!
    I am a breasfeeding , overtired mom and am sorry to say that I cannot even recall exactly what it is that I ordered so I am unable to try and apply for a permit. I have not been to a doctor in 20 years , so cannot and will not ask them for the necessary letters, but will try make a plan with a nutritionist friend. Please could you look up in the system for me what it is exactly that I ordered so I can try and release my treasured parcel and start making some more lovely recipes.

    Thank you kindly
    Helen Hoekstra

    Ps.perhaps it would be good to add somewhere on your site that S.A has these ridiculous laws so that others will be spared this drama. I would not have ordered the supplements if I had any idea that this would be the procedure! and just stuck with the book I so dearly want…

    • Doxtor
      Doxtor says:

      Hiya Helen, Oh what a total pain. I’ve sent your request off to DYW, I don’t own the company anymore so I can’t help further. However, if you don’t hear from them, please contact them directly xxx

  8. Lien Donaghey
    Lien Donaghey says:

    So very very cool! I am very happy I came across your blog! Some points I completely agree with and knew about, but some stuff I had not thought about! Thanks!

  9. Jean Young
    Jean Young says:

    i enjoy reading your blog Shazzie. Yes its very hard to do exercise even it takes only 1hour. After reading your blog realize how good it is.

  10. Harry
    Harry says:

    Smoothies for busy moms can be really good, it helps them healthy and stay slim and also gives them enough energy to run after their kids.

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