Tonight I’m being interviewed by one of my all time heroes, Eldon Taylor, Hay House author and the genius behind Innertalk. The interview is on Hay House Radio, 7pm (UK time), 11am (PST). Straight after me is another hero, Esther Hicks.

Shazzie on Hay House Radio

Shazzie on Hay House Radio

I love Hay House and all Louise Hay‘s creations so much, it feels like the biggest honour to be interviewed on their radio station. It’s not a fame thing because I’ve been on national television and that didn’t phase me. It’s more like a biggest love and respect and adoration and gratitude thing.

Over the years, Louise Hay and her authors have altered the face our our bookshops and even our language. We wouldn’t be what we are without them, for sure.

I hope you can listen to and enjoy the show. It’s going to be such fun for me and a bit peeky experiency too!

Bliss U

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7 replies
  1. Rose Goddess
    Rose Goddess says:

    You were so awesome on the call! Thank you for being such an inspiration of living your bliss

    ABHA HOWSON says:

    Thanks for your encouragement to eat well & be healthy. I see you using a blender with a stick. Can you please tel what make it is & where I may get one. Thank you

  3. Denise @ Raw Brides
    Denise @ Raw Brides says:

    Awesome – that’s really cool!

    I love Inner Talk – I have the Creative Writing one – which helped me write my book. I love the crashing waves of it.

    Congrats Shaz

    • Doxtor
      Doxtor says:

      ha, i have that one too. it’s my fave, and i always play it when writing! xxx

  4. Shakaya Breeze
    Shakaya Breeze says:

    Omg what a delicious dream come true to reach Hay House stature and no one deserves it more than you! Brava! I’m so behind on fun and missed it, is there a way to still be able to hear it Sweetness?

    • Doxtor
      Doxtor says:

      oh honey! yes, u can still hear it on, u may have to log in and then find it but it will be there. people told me the feedback the week after was great too. my voice was so gravelly tho, sounded like Marge Simpson! Skype this week for sure xxxx

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