Nine Nifty Detox Tips To Make You Sparkle This Spring

I’m feeling that this spring is going to bring us more excitement, more change and more opportunity that ever before. As we advance further into a new era, where our thoughts become real faster than ever, being the change we want to see in the world is more important than ever before. Even the mainstream folk are now questioning “what’s in my food?”, and those questions are getting louder and louder, as no-one trusts those companies who have been getting away with selling inferior food upon the unsuspecting public for far too long.

So this brings me to the biggest detox we have ever collectively done! We need to let go of everything that no longer serves us and hold fast to that which will enable us to feel clean and bright, on the inside and out, to clear the fog from our minds so that we can see clearly and to filter that which needs to be discarded. Detoxing has new meaning this spring as we brace ourselves for more love and wonder than we’ve ever known! So here are my top nine tips to detox not just the body, but the mind and soul too!

1. Detox Your Body

Start your spring with a juicy cleanse. Here is my favourite way to juice — using my VitaPrep (that’s the commercial version of the VitaMix)!

Get your body and mind ready for a fabulous season with an array of organic, super nutritious veggies and fruits. Imagine the lightest, brightest, best version of yourself. You hold the key to that personal transformation and as the mind AND body are fuelled by what we feed ourselves, get only the best produce possible into that temple of yours. You can either go for a full-on juicy week (or 28 days like I did!) or just start to incorporate one or two juices a day. Either way, you’ll notice a difference and fast.

2. Detox Your Food

Take everything out of your cupboards, your fridge and your freezer. Look at the labels and check the ingredients. Give your cupboards a scrub with some lemon, orange oil and fresh water to spruce them up. Re-stock only with whole foods, with superfoods, with nourishing, REAL foods, and make them organic where possible! You are worth this. Packaged food with empty calories can stay in Ye Olde 3D Worlde. Growing your own, foraging, farmers’ markets and organic veg boxes are so cool, you’ll have to eat extra cucumbers to keep up.

3. Detox Your News

There is a saying that goes: “No news is good news”, and I want you to realise it’s true. There are atrocious things going on in this world (which has always been the case), and  it certainly helps when we pray for or send loving thoughts to those affected, and hold them in our hearts and minds. Yet we don’t need to become so crippled and paralysed with fear that we are unable to be happy or get on with our good works and deeds. Watching the news on a daily basis can make the happiest person in the world so depressed they feel like there’s no hope for the planet.

Take out a subscription to positive newspapers instead. Turn off the TV. Get rid of the TV if necessary. If you can’t stay abreast of topical things happening in the world without becoming sucked in or dragged under, then turn the other cheek and concentrate on massive positive action. We all need to stay strong. We need to keep the faith, the love and the heart connection alive. There is so much good in the world, let’s collectively focus on that.

4. Detox Your Breathing

Breathe in the world, now breathe it out again. Breathe in love, hope, happiness and joy… and breathe out all feelings of disempowerment, the ego, negative thoughts, patterns and harmful practises. Let it ALL go with the outward breath. One way to practice various breathing methods is through yoga. I have been a follower of yogic practice for many a year now and it enhances my mind, my body, my spirit and therefore, my life. Get into the daily routine of yoga — even if it’s just a few sun salutations. Then revel in the power, the beauty, the clarity and the grace that floods your body. Feel the connection and empowerment flowing through you… and breathe.

5. Detox Low Self Esteem

In life, you will undoubtedly come across some folk that you allow to ruffle your feathers. But don’t give into their unpleasantness or go off course in an effort to deal with them. Instead, stay in your power, stand strong yet flexible and allow their strange ways to wash over you. You have something good to say. You have something wonderful to share. When people are striving to shout you down or trample on your toes, you can keep your message loud and clear… by being calm, loving, consistent, assertive and patient. Don’t avoid all the negative people in your lives, they are great teachers because you can practise your love on them more than people who are just like you. Just remember that now is your time to share your love, passion and light with everyone, and if they don’t like it, that’s not your problem.

6. Detox Your Weight

You can do this. Year after year, perhaps you have tried and perhaps it hasn’t been your year. Would you like this to be the year it happens? My good friend Phillip McCluskey has all the right tools to show you how he did it – how he released so many pounds they could form another person (and that shows GREAT dedication and perseverance) and how it made a difference to his whole body, mind and soul!

7. Detox Your Love

If you’re in a relationship and you feel it’s going stale for whatever reason, then now is the time to sort it out.

To be ready for the best relationship ever (who wants a mediocre one?), start looking at your habits and behaviours. Would you like to be in a relationship with yourself as you currently are? If not, then — again — be the change… 😉

8. Detox Your Work

While you might not be in a position to just walk about of your job, this is the time to start making those phone calls or business plans and to stop just dreaming. When you take actual steps towards your hopes and desires, you help them become a reality. Get making your vision board today. Be very exact with what it is you want from your work life. Then watch this video which is part one of a series of videos to get you inspired into making your life work for you.

9 . Detox Your World

This is the book you can carry around as your handbook only for the rest of your life. I was blessed to have this book endorsed by Yoko Ono… and I hope it will get your squeal of approval too! It’s the perfect guide on how to detox everything, in great detail, with over 100 unique detox recipes, several detox plans, and much much more. In fact, this book will inspire you to be your most enthusiastic, happy and blissful life! It’s available worldwide as a printed book, as well as on Kindle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these detox tips… I love to read your comments, so please leave one in the box below! And please pass on this post to your friends, it’s a good way to spread the love!

Bliss U

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    Great post :). Thank you so much for sharing. I am extremely happy to have found your wonderful site and have already spent some time looking around and reading. I have been giving vegan and raw foods more thought as of late and although I have not gone 100% into raw food, the little changes I have made have already gone a long way. Really like how you incorporated lifestyle changes along with nutrition/food changes. Thanks for the continued motivation and look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks again!

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