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New ethical businesses coming to you

WOW I just signed up my last Grow Your First Million client of the year 🙂 (happy face)… So I now have a little over a handful of clients to love, nurture, inspire, guide, coax, teach & love some more… So they can become the next generation of revolutionary maverick business people, changing the world […]


No you shouldn’t

Here’s a thing I’m a keen people watcher. I can pull personality, mannerisms and habits apart and scrutinise them quickly… It lets me know what makes people tick so I can help them change the bits they aren’t happy with. In my work with my clients, this superpower is useful because I can spot self-destructive […]


Mind your own business

STOP!!!! Too often we focus on other people and give the scraps to ourselves. Then we feel frustrated when we fail… So let’s do a big collective STOP and just focus on ourselves and what we want to get done for us. Because believe me, when we feel complete our cup runners over so abundantly […]

New Facebook biz group

Hey beaut Just a quick catchup regarding my new business mentoring biz Grow Your First Million. To support you all, in biz or still thinking about it, I’ve started a little free Facebook group that will offer you hints, tips, inspiration and love throughout your process. It’s not a big group. I want to keep […]