The biggest spiritual LIE ever

Self help books come and go but one of the main threads that string them together is this:

“Happiness is all inside you. You must learn to love yourself to be truly happy. No one else can do it for you.”

“Great.” Said all the millions of seekers who knew there was more to life than living in the rat race.

And they isolated themselves more each day, being told that self discovery, self love and enlightenment are inside jobs.

They climbed up mountains. Alone.

They meditated. Alone.

They lived lives of purpose & consciousness. Alone.

They felt. Alone.

So I’m here to rewrite rule number one of self help, because being alone way too much isn’t the way to happiness and enlightenment. It’s the way to madness, depression, dysfunction, obsession and duality.

The way to self love of course is to love yourself. And a huge part of that is by *letting other people love and look after you*.

Without connection, we are screwed. Without the screwing.

And that’s why I’ve frequently chosen to teach guided meditations over silent meditations. Because in a guided meditation, you’re not alone. When you’re not alone, you feel loved, more happy, more alive.

If you are struggling with “waking up”, get more love in your life and stop “waking up alone”.

Date yourself, yes, but also let those around you in. Tell them what scares you. What excites you. What you want. Verbalise your wants to get clear on them. And then, with loving support, take action. This is your fast track to enlightenment. No years of isolation and lentil-sandal wearing needed.

Try it today. And just for the rest of your life.

Bliss U


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  1. Marvin
    Marvin says:

    These meditations are from the book of the same name. Very eye opneing meditations. Makes you REALLY look at yourself and helps you accept who you are and where you are; therefore, opneing you up to make real and lasting changes in your life. Again, an amazing experience for those ready and willing to take a hard, honest look at themselves.

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