How to build your own ecstatic bliss bubble


Extracted from my book Ecstatic Beings

To live in eternal ecstatic bliss we need to know just two things:

1. We are already perfect.

2. We can become and have anything we want.

Ecstatic legsWorking on your physical energy through food, holistic exercise, supplements and healing, you will see huge and fast shifts in your perception of yourself and your world.

Big up to zappers, DHA, MSM, green juice, algae, zeolites, reishi, raw chocolate, yoga, sunbathing naked, making love, dancing and massage.

Working on your mental and spiritual energy through recognition and deprogramming, you will rapidly feel the detox effects from Ye Olde 3D Worlde. Deprogramming yourself from the media, friends, work, ancestry and other cellular memory crud can be uncomfortable but the blissful results are worth it. Shout out to plant spirits, InnerTalk, meditation, vision boards, mind movies, positivity and affirmations.

As you restore your body and mind to its original divine blueprint, and tap into your supernatural abilities, you’ll find that magic and miracles manifest by the minute.

You can continually choose to live in the flow of expanded infinite being, or to restrict that flow. In every instant, you have the power to change that thought, and create a reality that truly serves you.

The ecstapoint is very close to tipping, where the mainstream mass consciousness will realise these basic eternal truths, and the dark forces* will expand into the light. This is the revolution of the heart. We know that you feel it too, because you are reading these words, and we are all one. Gosh, we’re eternally ecstatic all over again!

A permanent state of ecstasy is your birthright 

Split your sides

This is the one biggest way to building your ecstatic bliss bubble. Put comedy videos on or go to see some stand up comedians or eat lots of raw chocolate. Or do all of it. You’ll burst your sides and remove toxic thoughts from your body. Toxic thoughts create disease, and it’s hard to create an ecstatic bliss bubble with that stacked against you.

This is just one of the reasons why I worship Russell Brand. See, I’m not a stalker.

Abba + Oxfam = ecstasy

Your aim is to feel good all the time. Once you’ve amassed your personal fortune, done all the work you’ve ever wanted and raised your ecstatic children, what then? What do you do with your days when you don’t have to do anything? Dancing and charity work, that’s what. Why do you think WAGS and royalty go to balls and hospitals on their days off? Because it makes them feel good. Dancing and charity work are the top two activities to make us feel amazing. Oh, and I dig your second-hand dancing shoes, baby.

Only expect and accept the best

“It’s a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” — Somerset Maugham

Drink the best books on the planet

We know that water is a fully conscious organism and picks up on everything in its environment. Messages From Water by Massaru Emoto cites many experiments where this is evident. As busy ecstatic mothers and other non-mother-type-people don’t have time to read as much as they’d like, they can immerse themselves in information a faster way.

Place a glass of water on a book that you’d love to read, and a day later,  drink the water. The water has absorbed the information in the book and then you absorb the water and the essence of the book. You won’t be able to spout the words that were in the book (this is not a left-brained exercise), but you will have absorbed the information into your cells and what you need to know will just come to you at the appropriate time. You can also do this by sleeping with a book under your pillow. We’re two thirds water, so we absorb information at all times. This is one reason why Ecstatic Beings don’t partake in mainstream media programming. We only want the good stuff seeping into us!

Now you know how to drink your books, you can buy them all, stack them up and perch your water on top of them for one almighty princess and the pea positive download!

Act like a magpie

Wear something sparkly at all times. Whether it’s something big and obvious like a Bowiesque space suit, or tiny and concealed like a crystal sticker on your left butt cheek, you’ll continuously be reminded of it throughout the day. “Life is beautiful and you are love,” it will whisper to you.

When you wake up each day, act like you’re getting ready for a party. Carefully choose the clothes that suit your mood, put on your special sparkly thing, and generally enjoy the process of getting ready for the day. You’ll soon attract a life that is just like a party because it’s all in your state of mind.

Waking up with “Today, all my dreams come true, and I laugh out loud magnificently at the love and beauty life offers me,” puts you in the driving seat of your ecstatic bubble.

Eat raw foods and superfoods at every meal without fail

If you go to a restaurant, have a salad with your meal and sprinkle on some açai, algae, seaweed and pink salt (we make a concoction of this up in advance and keep it with us at all times for such purposes).

Eat raw chocolate goodies for breakfast (chocfast). Sprinkle maca on your cereal and in your smoothies. Hide hemp seeds in your toddler’s baked beans. Raw foods and superfoods make you so strong and enstaminated that you can build your bubble much faster and sleeker.

Never too busy to be juicy

About 50% of my food comes in liquid form. I juice my greens and drink 3-5 pints of it daily. I also make mylks from hemp, flax and chia seeds, sometimes with almonds, brazils and macadamias. I strain these through a nut mylk bag and add vanilla, purple corn and other yummies to it.

All the taps in my house have natural spring water running from them. If you haven’t yet manifested that, find spring water to bottle and drink and filter your bathwater. Our skin takes in all the chemicals that’s weirdly put into mains water, which isn’t very ecstatic.

My 28 day juice fest gave me the energy of a twenty year old with skin and an attitude to match. Innit. See.

Getting ready for ascension means continually lightening your physical load. Becoming juicy will give you tonnes of extra energy as you’re not spending so much of it on digestion. It will also help erase old data from your cells. MSM is great for this, too, and I take it daily. But not in my juice, because it tastes disgusting and I’m frilly, not silly.


Some body to love

Raising your vibration is easier when you make it a whole body experience. This is why I love yoga so much, it works on all of us at the same time.

In this lifetime, your body is your vehicle and it deserves to be treated with love and respect at all times. Nourishing it with exercise will help ensure your life here is easy and blissful, not hard and painful.

Exercise not only keeps you looking fit, it’s great for your heart, brain, joints, bones and all the bits in between.

Ecstatic Beings don’t rely on quick fixes such as botox or lip-puffing injections, we create our beauty from the inside out. With a gorgeous heart, you will radiate a glow that’s never been captured or sold in a bottle. Just ask Anastasia. If you can find her.

Ecstatic Beings don’t abuse their bodies with drugs. We are all supposed to feel ecstatic at all times, but left-brainism has altered our hormones and made shells of us, craving something we know exists but can rarely find outside of “getting off your face”. Know this: your ecstatic bliss bubble holds the key to your real feeling of home and unity.

Finally, Ecstatic Beings hang out in packs because we want our hearts to resonate at the highest frequency for the good of our health. Birds of a feather flock together.

Do us all a favour

An ecstasist is one who goes round putting ecstatic spirit into the humass.

Science (you know how you love science) has studied acts of kindness. It came to these conclusions. If you are a receiver of an act of kindness, your seretonin levels are raised.

Serotonin is the feel-good chemical that your brain releases. People of a sunny disposition release more seretonin than people of a cloudy disposition. If you are the giver of an act of kindness, your serotonin levels are raised in exactly the same amount as if you were the receiver. So you just have to do good deeds to feel happy. How easy is that?

Now, as we are all about injecting the humass with goodness to help it grow towards the light, imagine how ecstatic we felt when we found this out: If you witness an act of kindness, your serotonin levels are also raised the same as if you’d received or given the act of kindness.

You know how to work this? Gather a whole audience and we do something really loving to someone. Serotonin floods the room and everyone takes off and explode into love drops that fall on the whole planet. This is a quick and easy way to tip the point from war, anger and hatred to love, bliss, ecstasy, compassion, cocreation, and co-operation.

Do someone a favour today and watch your audience fall in love with you.

Buddha me!

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is a chant that manifests the enlightenment of the Buddha in our own lives. If you can’t work out how to say it, or if you love to be passive in your chanting, check it out on YouLose.

Erase your past

You are not your past and any stories you have of your past aren’t helping you live in the now. Liberate yourself from your past and feel your energy levels rise.

Accelerate your bliss bubble making by listening to positive radio stations: Hay House Radio, Feel It Real Radio and LOA Radio Network are a few of my favourites. Put inspiring art on your walls, or even create it yourself first. Hang out with loving friends.

Get lots of hugs. Remove yourself from toxic thoughts, people, food and situations.

Remember you are a divine being in a body and you don’t have to compromise your life.

Deal with your issues while being kind to yourself. Seek out a shaman or other magickal person to help. Remove so much baggage that you only ever travel minimally light, even on long haul.

Everything you do, think and feel sends out messages to the Universe, amplified infinitely. This is why it pays to be aware about what you broadcast. Reprogramming yourself stops you broadcasting your past failures, disappointments and traumas over and over.

Most of the events in your life are beautiful and miraculous, yet you may find yourself concentrating on the few negative ones and creating stories around them. The emotions of trauma can stay with you forever, as you pop them on repeat in your videohead. It takes a significant amount of reprogramming to close the files you keep opening, and even more to delete them.

Yet it is possible; we’ve done it and we know others who have. It’s just a case of finding the techniques that work for you. When you get this one sorted, you’ll be well on the way to putting the finishing touches to your ecstatic bliss bubble using silver glitter, purple hearts and PVA glue.

Don’t worry if you can’t live in ecstatic bliss all the time yet because it’s your intention that’s important. Keep this intention until you tip your point. Whatever happens, don’t make it matter because nothing really matters, especially matter for that matter.

Oh, and pop this book under your pillow before you doze off tonight. Doxtor’s orders. I love u.

*Dark forces disappear when light is shone on them

What’s happening globally is a reflection of our collective consciousness. As we awaken one by one, the vibe shifts. This is the tipping point. How do you choose to BE? Dark can’t exist when light shines on it. Therefore, let’s shine like there’s no tomorrow. Only now. Only this. Only love.

Bliss U

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