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Grow Your First 100K

Hey gorgeous Are you fed up faffing around trying to get your business off the ground? Then I’d love you to think about what you really really want… Without turning it into a Spice Girls song. How about: 🦩 A suite of offers that help your clients transform with ease, leaving you feeling deeply satisfied […]

My Clubhouse Business Gift To You

Hey gorgeous I have decided to start doing weekly Clubhouse meetings with my Business Besties. You can find the meetings by following me on Clubhouse (@Shazzie) and setting your notifications to tell you when I go live. Our new regular date is 8:30pm UK time on a Monday. Who are my Business Besties??? Well, I’ve […]

What Kind Of Business Suits You?

Hey gorgeous How are you? I’m sitting in bed on my brand new Macboy, fluffy doggie keeping my left leg warm, trying to book a British holiday with my mum… One that makes a dog, a teen, a pensioner and a single mum happy! Ummm… we might be some time. So I’ve been wanting to […]

Gifts To Lift Your Spirits

Hi beautiful Today I’d love to offer you something(s) to lift your spirits, courtesy of my awesome business clients. They are an amazing bunch of coaches, healers and health freaks, and are doing everything to help their clients as they adjust to our new way of life. I hope these beautiful gifts help you stay […]