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Birthday Gifts For You!

Hi beautiful It’s my birthday (Magic 23/01/23), and so I want to gift you something that will soothe your soul. But these gifts aren’t from me, they are from my business clients — because as healers and coaches, they can soothe you way more than I can. Also I love showing off my clients! They […]

How to survive a recession

  Hi beautiful When the 2008 recession hit, I made several rapid changes to my superfood business that saw us not only weather the storm but increase our profit and serve even more clients than we did before the recession. And during this time of change, you can do the same. Here are some ways to […]

[INTERVIEW] Guess Who’s Written More Children’s Books Than Anyone Alive?

Hi beautiful If you’re thinking you couldn’t be a healer because you’re stuck in a corporate accountancy role and have spent years training for that job, I’d love to introduce you to prolific children’s author and energy master Timothy Stuetz. In our hour long interview, he gives you the low down on his awakening THAT HE […]

[PODCAST] Ooops we didn’t talk about veganism

Hi gorgeous Have you ever met someone, thought you were going to talk about something specific, and then the Universe made you realise you have something else in common so you talked about that instead? That’s what happened when Nico The Smiling Vegan interviewed me for his podcast. I’m saying no more, except if you […]

[INTERVIEW] How can you feel good when all around you is crumbling?

Hi gorgeous Yey, I did my first live Instagram interview, and it went without a hitch! If you didn’t see it, you can watch here now. I spent an hour chatting to my client Barbara Wicks, the Inside Out Radiance Coach. She gave so much advice on how food can make you feel better in yourself. […]

[PODCAST] My search for happiness changed the world

Hey beautiful Are you wondering if the journey up Unity Mountain ever ends? It can take years or even decades to undo complex childhood wounding, and that’s if you’re lucky. Some never find the answer and suffer forever, some have their lives cut tragically short. My own mission to heal the wounds of my life sent […]