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Gifts To Lift Your Spirits

Hi beautiful Today I’d love to offer you something(s) to lift your spirits, courtesy of my awesome business clients. They are an amazing bunch of coaches, healers and health freaks, and are doing everything to help their clients as they adjust to our new way of life. I hope these beautiful gifts help you stay […]


Are Your Ideas Killing Your Business?

Hey beautiful Being highly creative is a gift — you don’t get bored and you love being alone because you can easily create worlds in your mind. But it’s also a bit of a curse. Especially when it comes to business. You have a fantastic idea, flesh it out, start working on it (all the […]

January Is YOUR month

Hey gorgeous! If you’re lucky enough to be on my email list, you might be coming here to get those final gifts I’ve been sending you. If you’re not on my list, WHY EVER NOT? 😇 A while back I asked a few of my business clients to send me their best free gift so […]