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[PODCAST] My search for happiness changed the world

Hey beautiful Are you wondering if the journey up Unity Mountain ever ends? It can take years or even decades to undo complex childhood wounding, and that’s if you’re lucky. Some never find the answer and suffer forever, some have their lives cut tragically short. My own mission to heal the wounds of my life sent […]

What Kind Of Business Suits You?

Hey gorgeous How are you? I’m sitting in bed on my brand new Macboy, fluffy doggie keeping my left leg warm, trying to book a British holiday with my mum… One that makes a dog, a teen, a pensioner and a single mum happy! Ummm… we might be some time. So I’ve been wanting to […]

3 Magical Ways To Support Your Clients And Audience During The Pandemic

Hi beautiful How are you feeling? So many of my business clients have been asking how can they support their clients and audience during this pandemic. I help coaches, healers and health freaks build online businesses, and they are natural empaths who always want to help others. They want to help even more so in […]

Gifts To Lift Your Spirits

Hi beautiful Today I’d love to offer you something(s) to lift your spirits, courtesy of my awesome business clients. They are an amazing bunch of coaches, healers and health freaks, and are doing everything to help their clients as they adjust to our new way of life. I hope these beautiful gifts help you stay […]


Are Your Ideas Killing Your Business?

Hey beautiful Being highly creative is a gift — you don’t get bored and you love being alone because you can easily create worlds in your mind. But it’s also a bit of a curse. Especially when it comes to business. You have a fantastic idea, flesh it out, start working on it (all the […]

A Blast From The Past 😇

Hey beautiful DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS? My friend Tony just sent me this photo. It’s from Shazzie BC (Shazzie Before Child). At least 16 years ago. I used to travel the world giving talks on raw food and natural living. This was in San Diego at my friend […]

Deep Dive With Mermaid Healer Morag Turner

I am super excited to finally launch Shazzie TV, a series of feature length interviews with people I know you will love. Enjoy my love! Meet Morag Turner, a mermaid with a tale to tell… Growing up in the jungle amongst witch doctors and shaman, Morag was perfectly primed and opened to become a blissed […]


Just do one thing!

Hi beautiful Hands up if you’re guilty of this? You take on far more projects than you can handle, you don’t ever have time to do them all correctly and then you’re so knackered from trying to do them all and failing, you collapse in a heap and secretly wonder if you should go back to […]

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6 Top Tips To Help You Create A Successful Online Course

Hi gorgeous I want to talk to you today about changing the world. For a change. I help ethical people start ethical businesses. Who am I to do that? I’m an author of five books including Naked Chocolate, the book that kick started the raw chocolate revolution, author of several apps totalling over a million downloads, hostess […]