“Where are all my clients?”

Well hello 😉

So you had a business idea, and after lots of consideration, you decide to go for it. You’re all set up, web site, social media, brand, products and services. All of it.

And action!

Or not.

(Insert tumbleweed noise here)

the BIGGEST problem business people face today, and the biggest reason most businesses fail is due to lack of income… from clients.

So in a sea of Internet and advertising madness, how do you attract clients? And how do you make them stick around? Well, you could stab in the dark like you’re playing pin the tail on the donkey at a party or you could give these three tips a go. They will help you get clients today, and they’ll help you get them to fall in love with you forever.

Ask people what they want

There’s no point in selling a product that no one wants. Unless you want to be poor and frustrated. Doing simple market research online is easy and free. You can use sites like Typeform or even just poll people directly on social media.

  • You can ask people what products they want from you, or how they want them to be received (live events vs online courses vs 1-1 etc).
  • You can ask people what’s the number one problem they have that they’d love you to solve.
  • You even can ask people how their life will look if you don’t help them out.

It’s all up for grabs.

To honour their time, once they’ve filled in the survey for you, you should send them to a thank you page that has a very lovely product offer on it. Something like a half price course would work well.


…A cheap retail product (maybe a loss leader), on Google Adwords and once they’re on your web site, you can let them know abut other relevant but more expensive products before they fully check out.

This way you build your client’s email addresses fast. This is absolutely gold to any business, as you can give more valuable information and offer many other solutions to them over the length of their subscription to your email list.

I used Google Adwords as soon as it came out, back in the stone age, and was always top of the ads for my chosen products. I always advertised my most popular or profitable products. I had 800 products on my web site, so the chances of someone buying just the one advertised product was slim. We spent a lot on advertising, but this built my business up to be the largest business of its kind in Europe. It was worth it.

You would do something similar with information products. Advertise a free product such as an online course or guide on targeted Facebook Ads and then pitch your paid for product to your prospect via email while they’re still thinking of you.

Network online, but not too much

Yes, there are a bucketload of social media millionaires now, and it’s tempting to think if you just keep posting pictures on Instagram or videos on YouTube, it’ll happen to you. But it’s highly unlikely. If you want to start a business that works, you need real products and systems.

So use social media in a clever way, but don’t use it too much. And keep it very tight to your niche. You do know what your niche is, right?

You want to drive your social media followers to your blog or other content machine, and from there you want to give them good, regular and relevant content in your special unique style. In your blog, you want to offer them a CTA (Call To Action), which would probably involve offering them a great gift in exchange for their email address. From there, you want to love your prospects even more so when it becomes time for you to sell your stuff, they already feel like they owe and know you and are more likely to buy.

You also want to use social media to get talking to other people, to become a well known and respected expert in your niche and to engage with your audience on a personal level. This builds huge amounts of trust and love, so when they do visit your web site, they already know you and are more likely to sign up to your email list.

So there are my top three ways to get clients now…

Quite simply it’s research, buy and schmooze 😉

There are many many more ways to get and keep clients, and I invite you to join me in my free online class that will help you start your business the right way.

And then, with clients who love you and are clamouring to buy your stuff, you’ll become even more passionate and motivated to get that stuff out there. Happiness all round!

Bliss U

Your $20 Million Business Mentor

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