How To Become An Icon

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There are many ways to having a successful brand. Some companies don’t have a well known “figurehead” — who owns British Airways? Some companies appear to do so well because of their “figurehead” — who owns Virgin?

Clearly, there’s no right or wrong way to run a company when it comes to having a figurehead, but there are many advantages to becoming that person… that icon!

When you are an icon, you’re pretty much blessed with the Midas touch. Everything, or almost everything turns to gold. The right people trust you, support you, and most importantly buy your products from you. They’d rather pay more from YOU because they trust you than pay less from someone they don’t know and be lumbered with who knows what.

The Doxtor

For years, I chose to be an icon for extreme healthy living, and it changed the way people perceive health foods now!

When you are an icon, you are given gifts from your clients, suppliers and colleagues. Even your competitors do their best to woo you.

When you are an icon, you command your working fees, conditions, hours and location. In fact, anything you want, you pretty much get. Because without YOU, your business wouldn’t be the same. You are your best advertisement, you are the brand. As such, you need to carefully and consistently put out a very clear message and image to your wonderful clients and fans, past, present and future.

So how do you get this sought after position in life, where everything comes easy and doors are always opened for you?

Well, some people fall into it, the models and pop stars who are discovered are the lucky ones. Most people actually work very hard for it, harder than most could imagine.

These people eat, breathe and sweat their business, they experience knock back after knock back, yet they don’t fall. Each “negative” experience gets turned into a positive that makes them stronger. They become indestructible, forged from their own blood, sweat, tears, laughter and dreams. They are unapologetically them, so different from the crowd that they shine in a unique way… and that’s when you know someone’s an icon. They just look different.

What they did to get there, you may never do. Or you may do something completely different. All that’s the same is that there’s a small voice inside them that knew they had a very specific destiny, and the more they worked at it, the bigger that voice became. Until the destiny become reality.

When you hear those tiny messages in your subconscious mind, and nurture them, let them grow, they will shape you more radically and authentically than any other training in the world.

So listen to yourself. Are you an icon in the making? Is your destiny different? Do you just KNOW something awesome is going to happen to you? If you are saying yes to this, then do something about it now and learn the tools you need to bring your destiny towards you in the most unencumbered way possible.

Here’s to you, in all your awesome iconic glory.

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