3 Magical Ways To Support Your Clients And Audience During The Pandemic

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How are you feeling? So many of my business clients have been asking how can they support their clients and audience during this pandemic. I help coaches, healers and health freaks build online businesses, and they are natural empaths who always want to help others. They want to help even more so in these uncertain times, as do I.

I’ve been helping them figure out how to do this, and I’ve also been helping them in the same ways that I’m advising.

I want to reassure you that keeping an income is also important, because you have a family to support, as well as yourself. So don’t think you can’t make sales during this time. If you need or want to, you definitely can.

There’s no way that an empath like yourself will seeming like an opportunistic vulture. It’s all about how you do it, and I’ve given you a lovely example in this article.

So here are your three tips to help you audience during the pandemic…

Zoom Office Hours

If you have clients in a private community such as a Facebook group, they’ll already know each other and will feel comfortable sharing with each other.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to offer Zoom Office Hours.

It means your clients can work on their stuff with Zoom open and have the odd conversation with your other clients, as if they are in an office. This is perfect for breaking the feelings of isolation that so many of us are experiencing right now.

Just create a Zoom link that repeats daily for the time you want the office hours to be. Advertise this link and the timings to your clients only. If you want to do another one for your email list, then do that separately and maybe not so often.

I’ve done mine for clients only four hours a day, every day until the lockdown ends.

You don’t need to be in the office with your clients, so remember to enable participants to join before you, or they won’t be able to get on.

Zoom Webinar Masterminds For Your Clients & Audience

Here’s a really good example of you simultaneously being able to help a mix of your clients and audience (social media followers plus email list) for free, with the option for you to earn some money too.

Book a series of masterminds using Zoom Webinar, and send the registration link out to your whole audience. Tell your clients they can mastermind too, thought it’ll be in public. I always mastermind my clients at the end (after my non-clients), and I let them know in advance that’s how it’ll be. Having your clients on your masterminds is invaluable because they’ll really big you up in the chat. I like to offer a 15 or 20 minute 1-1 with each person who raises their hand. I bring them on as a panelist so we are talking face to face. It quickly helps me read what they need.

I recommend you make a very soft sales offer on these masterminds

Don’t go full on webinar sales mode… it’s too much for these times. Just say about an hour in, “I’m not going to do a huge sale pitch but if you want more help than I can give you in your 20 minute 1-1 then go to this page now because I’ve made a couple of options available for only X amount of people”.

As an example, last week I did 12 hours of live masterminds to my audience. I didn’t pay for any ads, so my audience was warm anyway. I gave masses of help to every person who came on and masterminded with me. One lady came on all three days, so she got about an hour with me (which is worth about $1,000 of my coaching time). This is the level of contribution that I wanted to give freely.

However, for those who wanted more, I offered just ten spaces to two brand new SOS offers with slashed rates. One was for $497 (a two hour Business Band Aid process), and the other was for a Virtual (Zoom again) VIP Day for $1497. Both had an upsell offer to join my lifetime business club, too. I sold these spaces on my masterminds, and I also got a new unexpected private coaching client.

Everyone who attended got exactly what they needed for their next steps, no matter if they bought or not.

The beauty of these mastermind webinars is that you don’t need hundreds of people on to make sales, because you are giving then so much relevant 1-1 help, rather than offering generic training. This is great especially if your list is small, old and hasn’t been cleaned out or (ahem) you’ve slightly abandoned it over time.

You can even broadcast simultaneously to your Facebook page

Just allow Zoom to access Facebook in its settings, then once your webinar is live, click the Facebook option. It works like magic!

Remember that your Facebook broadcast won’t allow you to get a list of people who watched like Zoom does, but it will allow you to retarget your video views with a Facebook ad. Your ad could be to get your freebie, so those impressed viewers go onto your email list. Or it could be a soft call to action to the sales offer you made on your masterminds.

Show Off Your Clients

If your clients can help your other clients and your audience, then now is the best time to show them off.

I’ve done this in a few ways over the past few weeks, and I hope these examples will help you.

Collect your clients’ freebies

First, I made a blog post called GIFTS TO LIFT YOUR SPIRITS.

I asked my clients for content they are putting out to their audience to help them in the pandemic. Once I had enough content, it took me just thirty minutes to compile.

I then posted the blog post to my email list and to my social media platforms to help my audience. The clients who partook in this would have received more visibility and sign ups for their email lists.

My audience would have something to help them deal with our current situation and they’d feel happy that I am thinking of how to serve them for free, so it’s a win win win situation.

Do a webinar with a client or two

I wanted to help my audience and clients feel calm and relaxed around the pandemic. I can’t do this myself, but I had a client who could.

So I did a Zoom Webinar with my own personal healer Jacqui Hoitingh.

Again, I didn’t advertise this, and I didn’t do it for any money myself. I wanted Jacqui to get extra exposure because she’s helped me so much. See how it all works?

We had a technical hitch where Zoom hid Jacqui’s camera, but once that was sorted we also broadcast to Facebook. As time goes on, Jacqui will get more exposure from that staying on Facebook.

Jacqui did a cleaning for everyone’s fears, and then she led a meditation for the world, and finally she did a 1-1 mastermind for people to clear even more energy for those who came on.

We didn’t sell anything on the webinar, but I did give out Jacqui’s contact details  for anyone who wanted to get further help from her. She also does distance Bowen Technique healing, so what she does right now is perfect for those who can’t get to a physio.

When you are speaking to a small audience you don’t have to have a big system set up. Keeping it simple like just saying “here’s my email address” when you are just getting started is the fastest route to success.

Keep the inspiration high

Think about sending client case studies, achievements and testimonials to your other clients and audience. It’s important to keep them inspired and believing they can succeed with your help especially while we are in this situation. Many people have more time on their hands right now — what can you or your clients offer them to assist in their transformations?


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