What Kind Of Business Suits You?


Hey gorgeous

How are you? I’m sitting in bed on my brand new Macboy, fluffy doggie keeping my left leg warm, trying to book a British holiday with my mum… One that makes a dog, a teen, a pensioner and a single mum happy!

Ummm… we might be some time.

So I’ve been wanting to chat to you about the benefits of owning a SMALL business… even though my brand is Grow Your First Million.

We’ve all see those utterly exhausting launches on our Facebook feeds, haven’t we? MOSTLY by business coaches who never had a business before they had their “business coaching business”, MOSTLY teaching people what their coach taught them, and they MOSTLY only have a couple of years business under their belt.


It’s like an MLM version of Inception + The Twilight Zone + Blade Runner

If it makes you feel dizzy and stressed just looking at these people and their huge things, you’re not alone.

So many of my clients worry that they’ll have to compromise and do those huge launches anyway or else their online businesses won’t be successful.

But having turned over more than $20M before these coaches were even thinking about quitting their day jobs, I can tell you straight that it’s not the only way to run an online business.


Here’s the truth that they don’t want you to know…

You can run your business any way that suits you.

Because so long as it’s profitable, it’s a viable business, right?

To drive this point home, let me show you three of my very different business models, that were all successful:

My online retail business (Detox Your World) 2000-2012

Detox Your World Logo

I had several staff members, two other directors (my parents), two warehouses and several contractors. I worked zero hours in the office. I spent my time outshining everyone else in my field (remember my five ebooks, my Sky TV show, my million download app etc?). That’s what made my business the biggest and best of its kind in Europe.

I am made to attract, connect with and inspire people. So I played to my strengths and I changed the world, bringing you raw chocolate, superfoods and health sovereignty. That’s my Legacy Of Love, and I’m proud of it.

I personally took home about £120,000 per year from that business once it was profitable, plus I received the money from the sale of my business in 2012, which paid off my mortgage. I’d bought my house as a single mum in 2009, and I’m proud that I managed to do this too, even though being a single mum is the toughest gig in the world.

My life mastery club (Shazzie’s VIP Room) 2008 launch

Shazzie's VIP Room

This is as close to an exhausting launch as I’ve ever got. Using a few videos and mostly emails, I launched my first signature club and took just over $100,000 in a week.

I had a business partner, so we split the profit 50/50.

Unfortunately there were no learning management systems in those days so we created the club on a bespoke WordPress site and development and design costs were high. Thank goddess it’s not like that now.

I went on to create several life mastery courses and to relaunch the club many times. I did everything via email, recorded video or sales funnels. I never did a live video launch once in this business.

Grow Your First Million Members Club and 1-1 Mentoring (The brand is six years old now and the club is three years old.)

 Grow Your First Million Members Club With Shazzie

I use a mix of sales methods and spend about $25,000 on Facebook Ads a year.

I have done evergreen webinars (my first one brought me in over $100,000 in the summer of 2018)

I’ve done live webinars (I don’t like these because I live in the countryside where tech fails, but I DO LIKE THEM because I can connect with my audience, which I love)

I’ve done email promos, clarity calls, live masterminds, and everything else you can think of.

I’m not a natural sales person so I do prefer to set up automated funnels and then connect with my audience before and after the sales process.

I keep it small because I don’t want the responsibility that I had in my previous business, and I’ve already changed the world once 😉

My projected turnover for the next 12 months is $250,000.

After all taxes and expenses, that will give me just under £100,000 profit in the next twelve months. (I work in US dollars and UK pounds, because I’m British but most of my clients are American.)

This is almost the same wage as my first business, but it’s a completely different model.

The point is, this business model serves me for where I am in my life now.

Your free business trainingSo what’s the best business model?

All of them! Or another one! They are all just lifestyle choices. The key to choosing the best structure for you is to really know what you enjoy. Honestly, the more you wake up inspired and itching to get your message out there, the higher your chance of success.

So do spend some time figuring out your ideal working style.

All my businesses gave me freedom. I never work more than two hours a day. But one of them changed the world because I felt the need to do that.

Now I want to help others change the world, and that’s why I work with just a handful of coaches, healers and health freak clients a year.

So what do you think?

Do you feel more juiced up thinking about that lovely manageable $250,000 business than a world changing million dollar business? Or are you thinking “OMG I need to up level because I do want to change the world and now I know what it’s gonna take.”?

Hopefully this little bedside chat has given you the inspiration to build your business your way. Because no matter what your personality type, working style or personal circumstances, you can always build that profitable online business of your dreams with the right guidance.

Your next move

So to get started earning in just 24 hours, grab this FREE video training course, that will whip away any remaining doubt, confusion and overwhelm in an instant. And then you really will be able to live the life of your dreams. Fluffy dog optional.

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