A Blast From The Past 😇

Hey beautiful


My friend Tony just sent me this photo.

It’s from Shazzie BC (Shazzie Before Child). At least 16 years ago.

I used to travel the world giving talks on raw food and natural living. This was in San Diego at my friend & co-author David Wolfe’s HQ…

How times change.

Being a single mum has been the most challenging yet rewarding career of them all, and I’ve had a few.

I gave up a lot to be a “stay at home” mum.

I wanted my daughter to come home from school to me, for me to take her places and for her to know I’m always there for her.

I definitely missed out on some life, but I still made a success of things.

I owned a business that turned over $20m, wrote 5 revolutionary books, hosted the world’s only raw food TV show and became a million download iTunes author.

Choosing to put your child first doesn’t mean giving up on your dreams, it just means organising yourself and others around the needs of your child.

There is nothing we can’t do when we have determination…

So… now you have no excuse, what’s your next move in creating the biz of your dreams?

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