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Grow Your $100K Club

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With Shazzie, Your $20M Mentor


Day one

CREATE YOUR CLUB & PLAN YOUR TRAINING CONTENT: So you can onboard your founders and make $$$ this week

Monday May 23rd 2022

Do you love the idea of building a simple, online club that’s a no brainer investment for your members, that gives you your dream $100k recurring revenue freedom lifestyle?

Then get excited because over the coming days, you’ll actually create your $100k club alongside me. By the time we’ve finished you’ll already have your first members inside!

In this workshop, you can cast aside your tech confusion, as I’ll introduce you to a system that’s so simple anyone can use it, and it’s free to start.

We will figure out what your club’s big promise is, then we will name it, and create your training outline.

Use your workbook to make notes because when it’s complete, it will be your very own bespoke $100K club business plan.

(On YouTube due to recording issues)


Day two

PLAN YOUR LIVE ELEMENTS TO CONNECT YOU TO YOUR CLIENTS’ HEARTS: This makes it super sticky for years and years so you don’t have to keep launching yourself to exhaustion

Tuesday May 24th 2022

A club isn’t the same as a membership, and in this workshop you’ll find out how to keep your members by making it sticky. You won’t be creating endless content, but you will be giving your members what they really want — connection to YOU.

You’ll discover why you need to create three sticky elements in  your club and what they are. We will then create them together.

You’ll also be amazed to find out that you won’t spend hours and hours each week on your club. With my system, once it’s set up, it really only needs you for two hours a week. This is why I can make my big promise about time freedom to you. And it’s why you can choose a club as your ONLY revenue stream, or one of many, because you’ll have time to tend to the others.

Would you love that?

Use your workbook to make notes because you really do want a club at the heart of your healing business.


Day three

LAUNCH YOUR $100K CLUB: Using my five step method that brings you recurring revenue and that freedom you crave

Wednesday May 25th 2022

I’ll let you in on a secret. My clients who build clubs are happier and less stressed than my clients who rely only on 1-1 coaching or healing.

And here’s why…

RECURRING REVENUE. This is the holy grail of running any business, because you can minimise your marketing and focus on what you really love — serving your clients.

In this workshop, we will create your revenue earning Golden Ticket, and I’ll teach you the five simple steps you need Grow Your $100K Club in just a year.

When I say the value of this free training is $997, I really mean it because today is the day you complete your $100K club business plan.

NOBODY else on the planet gives you all this for free because nobody else has been an online CEO since 2000, built a $20 Million business from nothing AND built FOUR $100K clubs themselves.

Use your workbook to make notes because your life will change radically when you actually do the work.


Day four

Three Little Known Reasons Why 80% Of Businesses Fail & How To Avoid Those Deadly Traps

Thursday May 26th 2022

No it’s nothing to do with business strategies…

Because I’ve given you everything you need in the previous three days of training.

It’s to do with YOU…

Are you ready to probe your own mind? I promise it won’t hurt. In fact it’ll be fun, and very very special.

By the end of this final workshop you’ll be fully armed with a complete $100k club bespoke business plan and you’ll know how to get all the support to thrive as you build and run your club.

Use your workbook to to make sure you are one of those 20% who succeed in business.


Live masterminding until I drop


Grow Your $100K Club & Get A Lifetime Of Support With People Like You

Wednesday June 1st 2022

Last week I hosted four live online workshops, and the feedback was awesome.

Attendees are already showing me the clubs they’ve built as a result of that training, because now they have a clear and simple path to business success with recurring revenue.

If you weren’t able to attend, then you had another chance this week to really make a difference to your budding business.

No question went unanswered because this is the fastest way I can help you with your specific business questions and struggles for free.

I have a TWENTY TWO YEAR track record in online retail, coaching, authoring, TV, apps, clubs and information products and I’ve turned over more than $20M but what does this mean for you?

1) I can help you faster than the speed of lightning so you can start making an amazing profit fast. My clients often say “WOW” when we do our masterminds because I use my decades of knowledge PLUS my magical intuition to figure out what’s best for them. No one ever gets cookie cutter advice from me 😉

2) No one else on the planet has done what I’ve done —I have turned over $20m by doing only what I love… author of five revolutionary books (I published the world’s first raw chocolate recipes!!), creator of a million download sleep meditation app, TV hostess of the world’s only raw food TV show on Sky TV, blogger for 22 years to millions of readers, founder of Europe’s largest superfood company AND I even ran a shamanic temple for personal transformation for eight years, on the side.

So if you’re a coach, healer, health freak, artist, witch or any other kind of freethinking misfit, then you know my advice on this Zoomathon will be spot on for you.


Fun, training and champagne, darling!


Watch Out For The Show & Tell

Thursday June 2nd 2022

This is our final live in this Pure Minds launch and we are going out with a bang!

Get excited because there’s going to be fun and games!

If you’ve built your club, you can come and do a show and tell, to encourage others to do the same.

As well as celebrations, I’m going to show you:

🐬 Why you need an email list

🐬 How to choose a funnel

🐬 Why you should build a club in 2022

Bring champagne, kombucha or just a lovely cuppa and celebrate your new online club with your business buddies.

FREE GIFT: 8 Days To Business Success

I’d love you to stay until the end of the Closing Party to encourage others who are also on.

As a thank you I’ll gift everyone who stays for the first 90 minutes my much loved business mindset training course worth $197.

8 Days To Business Success Video Training Course

Grab Your $100K Club Business Plan Workbook

You need it to create your $100K Club

Because this is such a huge free training, the business plan is 32 pages long. There’s a lot of white space so don’t worry about ink.

If you can’t print it, pop it on a different screen to our workshops and use plain paper.

Your $100K Club Business Plan


As the author of Sleep Easily Meditation, that’s had over 36 BILLION listens, I’m so happy to share my latest business meditations with you, for free. I wrote them to get you into a zone of positivity before you start your work day, so feel free to play the one you’re drawn to just before you start work, or before you watch a workshop.

There you are

Get in the zone with this exclusive meditation that will help you recognise your unique place in the world.

Your treasure chest of transformation

Kick off with this exclusive meditation that will help you uncover your gift to the world.

A morning at the beach

Imagine your business success with this exclusive meditation that will help you attract all of your amazing clients.

Wake Up In Paradise Affirmation Series

Listen to these each morning as you wake up to rewire your brain for positivity.


My clients love to share how my work helps them

Marneta Viegas
Ignite Your Creative Spark
Relax Kids

Ness Sherry
Ashtanga By The Moon

Kate Havord
Activate Your Cosmic Creator
Magical Art Therapist

Danielle Berger
Love Yourself With Pilates
Danielle Moves

“Shazzie presents us with tools (not rules) with which to transform our outlook on life. Shazzie’s heightened level of “honesty and realness” is a part of the special energy she brings into the world.”

“Shazzie has an authenticity that runs through everything she does. Her steps to total wellbeing are  inspiring.”

“Shazzie is inspirational. She looks incredible, walks the walk, and shares all her fabulous ideas like a true sister!”

It’s time to connect with people like you, so we can all heal the world in our own special ways

As a healer you know how urgent it is to get your message out to the masses right now.

You also know that because so many businesses fail, you’re already using several strategies to ensure that doesn’t happen to your business.

But in this race against time to heal our world, you know you don’t have the luxury to figure out alone how to go from 1-1 work (trading time for money) to scaling 1-many and discovering that freedom you crave.

You want to be free yesterday, and you want to future proof your business with recurring revenue to provide eternal security for your family.

That’s what this live workshop series is about…

Dear Healer: Its time to build your $100k club

  • For recurring revenue
  • For time freedom
  • For happy clients


Here are three beautiful recorded live Instaviews with my clients for you to watch now.


Magickal Reality Shifting

Zoie Tantric Sense


Energy Master & Children’s Author

Timothy Stuetz


Psychology Of Eating Coach











  • Flower 1
  • Evie Shazzie
  • Ripley
  • Curley
  • Shazzie and Ripely
  • Flower 2
“I’m convinced that, without Shazzie’s mentorship, I wouldn’t even have a business, let alone two businesses that turn over more than a million a year, doing what I love: Empowering people to have amazing Health and Energy.”

“It all started back when I invested in a business that turned into a disaster, leaving me almost bankrupt. The one silver lining was that, in the process, I met Shazzie, who gave me some priceless advice on the Real Keys for Business Success (which the people I had invested with were clueless about).”

“So, I listened, and soon enough, with Shazzie’s support, I went from living lost, confused and in debt, in a tiny attic room, to living in a six bedroom house, with pool, in a warm country.”

Hannah Elwin

“If it weren’t for Shazzie, not only would my life still be pretty depressing, but I also wouldn’t have been able to help over one thousand clients.”

Elwin Robinson
Founder of High Energy Academy and Lion Heart Herbs

“This was partly thanks to Shazzie’s advice, and support. However, it was also down to having her as a Role Model, for what to do, and what’s possible. That’s something priceless that I could never have got from a book, and which I’m eternally grateful for.”

“Of course, if it weren’t for Shazzie, not only would my life still be pretty depressing, but I also wouldn’t have been able to help the almost one thousand clients that I’ve personally worked with, or the many thousands of people who’ve shared their thanks for my books, products, videos and programs.”

“So, on behalf of myself, and all the people who’ve thanked me over the years for the life transforming results they’ve had with their Health: Thank You Shazzie. I literally couldn’t have done it without you…”


As a CEO since 2000, author of five books and TV presenter, I’m over the moon to share my latest business rituals with you, for free.

Get into a zone of positivity before you start your work day by following the instructions.

Once you’ve done all three, you can practise them all each day forever.

Mine All Mine

This ritual will ground you into the reality of what you really want before giving it all up to the Universe using a system I’ve used for years to create over $20 Million in my gorgeous businesses.

Screen Siren

Start by doing the previous ritual and then tag on this one straight after, It will make you the star of your own big screen.

Dirty Diana

Do your two previous ritual again, and then tag on today’s ritual which will see you channeling your inner Diana Ross.

I’m so happy you are coming with me on my new exciting journey

Owning a world changing $20 million business gave me a life I could have only dreamed of.

Even though it was 22 years ago, I remember those fear filled moments as I leaped from my job that had me living out of suitcases to setting up a little office in my home.

I remember putting my first booklet up for sale on my blog using a brand new company called PayPal.

I remember going on to employ my whole family, and then eventually retiring them as well as paying off my mortgage on my dream home.

Those transition stages from start up to eventually turning over millions, becoming famous worldwide, and changing the world with my very own vision of love were both scary and thrilling. My only wish was that I’d have someone to help me make them seamless, so I could have made less frustrating and costly mistakes, reached my goals faster and made even more profit!

That’s why I want to help you today.

I wanted to create a foolproof step by step guide to building your $100k Club in a year that will give you all the time freedom you crave.

I’ve done it four times with four very different clubs to get the strategies watertight for you.

Now for the very first time I’m going to walk you through it 100% live, free and interactive.

By the end of your free training you will have built your club, onboarded your first members and have a step by step plan to turning over $100k of recurring revenue in the first year.

As a healer, you owe it to yourself to take the hand of someone who has been there and walked this path before you so you can reach your desired revenue goals with more confidence, less time wasting and far fewer annoying mistakes.

To finally get to that place you dreamed about — financial freedom, time freedom and being able to secure your whole family’s future.

Not forgetting that feeling of positively impacting thousands of people’s lives that, like a stone being thrown in a river, will ripple out to impact millions and really change the world.

I hope the coming days inspire you to take bold, action, because the world needs people like us more than ever.

Bliss U

Your $20M Business Mentor

Shazzie Pure Minds

“Working with Shazzie has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken for my business! It’s a heartfelt experience. Shazzie is clearly very knowledgeable and incredibly generous in sharing this knowledge.”

“As a business mentor, Shazzie had this uncanny ability to unearth and open the “stuff” that had been holding me back, both personally and in my business. I was “stuck” on how to implement my ideas properly and in an orderly fashion that would best suit my clients while still making money.”

“I feel reassurance knowing Shazzie is the real deal. She’s made her fortune and is teaching me how to build the path to mine. Awesome!”

“Shazzie has allowed me to clarify my business and actually get moving on it after ten years of being stuck and it has actually been fun! I believe she is so good at this because she genuinely loves her job.”

It’s time to create be empowered change the world be brave expand