What does a business person look like to you?

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I’m currently reading Michelle Mone’s book, My Fight To The Top… I resonate with a lot of what she says, though my northern upbringing wasn’t quite so harsh as hers! When I read books like this, it inspires me further to remain fully authentic and “me” in my business. Of course that evolves over time as I change, and the same will happen with you, too.

And it got me thinking that I’d like to shatter some myths with you about business people, so that you can figure out what type of business person you are.

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of a (successful) business person?

  • A man in a suit, all clean shaven? Maybe.
  • Someone who will do anything for money? Maybe.
  • A person so unscrupulous they will break the law and destroy anyone who gets in their way? Maybe…
  • Someone with the highest amount of creativity, integrity and a relentless driving passion to make a better world? I’d like to hope so.

Because in reality, the latter is how many business people are. They are so driven to change the status quo of their lives, their family, the world, that they will do anything to make it different.

There’s nothing wrong with a man in a suit, but don’t let any preconceptions you may have about being a business person stop you becoming one.

You just have to choose your own role models.

Action steps to finding out what your business style is

Write down the names of three successful business people that you admire and go watch them on Youtube. Write down the characteristics you love about them, and practise bringing these characteristics out to the world, one at a time until you’ve got it perfect…

If you’re a budding business person, or an old hat like me, you can learn a lot from this exercise, and everyone else around you will benefit too.

Imagine your life when you can negotiate difficult situations with peace in your heart and a smile on your face. Or when you dip into your infinite well of resourcefulness to turn your biggest problems into awesome opportunities that catapult you further along the road to success. All this and more is possible when you figure out how to model yourself on your business heroes.

Help others get started 😉

How about writing your business heroes names in the comments section below so you can inspire others reading this?

Together, let’s change how business looks and functions by bringing real heart to it.

Here’s to you, a beautiful mix of all you cherish and admire.

Bliss U

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