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Hi Winner of the biggest Superstunner of the Universe 2014! After two years off (retired aged 43, can't be bad!), I've decided to start contributing to the world again! Yey for me (keeps my brain occupied a bit) and yey for you (you get a…

Free raw food recipe -- Transfusion illusion

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Raw food recipe Transfusion illusion Coconut water has actually been used for blood transfusions as it’s incredibly similar to human blood plasma. This recipe is extremely hydrating, cleansing, and decadent. just what The Doxtor ordered. Serves…

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Hey scrummy ONE How's your day so far? Mine feels sunny, squishy and slightly fluffy after dancing non-stop on Saturday night for SIX whole hours. I didn't even stop for a wee! Man, it feels so good to have my legs back in action after…