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Raw food has gone mainstream

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We did it! Raw food finally went mainstream at 4.30pm BST today on Sky 281 with the launch of my brand new show, Raw Kitchen. Yes, you read that right, the WORLD'S FIRST RAW FOOD TV SHOW IS HERE! Phew. That's another revolution taken care…

Raw food TV show gets the go ahead

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Hey you superstar Great news... world changing, in fact. The Active Channel has commissioned my TV series, Raw Kitchen!!!!!! We're finalising things right now, but it won't take long to do, so watch out, world. RAW FOOD IS COMING TO THE TELEVISION. Please…

How to get young children to eat raw food

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This is an extract from my book Evie's Kitchen. Evie's Kitchen is the world's ONLY book that addresses all the issues of raising a child on a raw, vegan or vegetarian diet. It lists possiblie nutritional deficiencies and how to avoid or spot…

Halloween howlers

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Just in time for a scary October 31st, here's a fun raw food recipe for your dark side. Ingredients 60g raisins or old ladies pupils 50g raw cacao butter or bat’s droppings 50g raw moaning macadamias 5g scary purple corn…

An Ecstatic Evening with Shazzie & Philip, UK

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This is too extiting for me! Join us in the heart of my community for an elegant, gorgeous, rural, ecstatic, gourmet, inspiring evening on 27th June 2009. We have top chef Russell James creating and delivering the raw cuisine. Philip will do…

Licking the Big Apple

I took a trip to New York. Hung out with efriends that I've known for years and never met in Ye Olde 3D Worlde. Ate more in 48 hours than in a week. They have raw food restaurants coming out of their ears. Like with about fifty choices of…