Detox Everything

Nine Nifty Detox Tips To Make You Sparkle This Spring I'm feeling that this spring is going to bring us more excitement, more change and more opportunity that ever before. As we advance further into a new era, where our thoughts become real…

Get In Shape Quick For The New Year

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Hey, Beautiful People Wow, it's so weird to believe that this year is almost through. I knew it'd be great, I just didn't know how great. I've grown so much this year, and hope you have, too. With raw food on the telly now, let's make 2013…

Yoko Ono recommends my book

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Yoko shares Detox Your World I nearly fell over when I saw this. My friend Russell James pointed it out to me. I'm on a list of books that Yoko recommends! Yoko is known world over for being the wife of John Lennon and for being an artist…