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Hi gorgeous

I hope you are starting to come out of shock now, and are feeling up to making plans for our brave new world.

The medics, delivery drivers, shop workers and so many more are doing an amazing job at keeping us all going as we socially distance so the vulnerable members of our community can remain safe until the virus is beaten.

Yesterday the UK government announced an unprecedented bail out package to ensure businesses don’t have to lay off employees. Unfortunately, there are five million self employed Brits who aren’t covered by the packages, but I’m hoping that will change soon. I’m also hoping my non-British friends and audience will receive the same help.

It seems EVERYONE is shining, and doing their bit to make the most of this situation.

And I hope I’m doing enough for you… Amongst my own dramas (Evie left school unexpectedly and won’t now sit her exams, and my mum is here to stay until we are clear of the virus), I’ve been putting stuff together for you so you can get started online immediately.

If you are one of the five million self employed or your country hasn’t announced its financial help yet, this could make all the difference to you.


As a CEO for 20 years, I developed this unique business model that will give you the insight, confidence and knowledge you need to launch your signature club today before it has any content and without any overwhelm, confusion or financial stress.

I’m going to show you how to make that mindset shift from being confused about what to offer, doubting you can achieve it and worried you’ll get totally overwhelmed…

To actually becoming the proud owner of that juicy and profitable signature club within 24 hours and then go on to earn your desired annual revenue within just six months.

Just click here to access this invaluable FREE training course and I’ll see you inside!


You are a coach, healer or health freak and your clients have never needed you more than this very moment.

You need to help them in all the practical ways and you also need to drop into your heart so you can hold space for them if they need.

You may be wondering how you can help the most people right now, or even how to stay financially afloat yourself.

In the 2008 recession I made my $20M business thrive by taking swift and positive action.

It’s vital that you take action now, because you are in the frontline of wellbeing and people are depending on you.

You must help take the load from the overburdened medical professions and help your audience however you can.

That’s why I’m inviting you to mastermind with me live over Zoom video… for FREE

Business SOS

We will mastermind as a group, and I will help every single person on the calls for a maximum of fifteen minutes each.

My unparalleled online business experience of 20 years WILL take you from confusion to clarityfrom worry to certainty and from fear to love.

Then you can go forward and serve your audience with absolute confidence.

One of the best things about masterminds is learning from the questions of others, so stay on until the end.

I have a free mindset training gift for you (value $197) that you can claim at the end.

Ready to mastermind with me and join the Army Of Love? Secure your seat now! Places are *extremely* limited.

Bliss U


PS: We have had years to do our own inner work, now it’s time for us to help clients and bring unwavering love, hope and solutions to them. My gift to you is this series of masterminds, a total of 12 hours of 1-1 work with you all for free. I look forward to connecting with you next week, starting Tuesday.

PPS: We will be masterminding on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week. The time is 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 7pm UK, 8pm Europe. If I don’t have your time zone, please check online.

PPPS: All my healer friends and clients are working tirelessly in the background to settle this situation — don’t underestimate the power you have inside you to make a difference.


Bliss U

PS: Remember you can get my Wealth Audios here, so you can start attracting all the beautiful things in life!