How to wake up refreshed


Hey Snoozeball

How do you feel first thing in the morning? Great? Rough as a dog? Depends on what you did the day before? Maybe this little trick will help you feel better, no matter how great you feel now?

It’s well documented that alarm clocks are bad for your health. Starting any morning with stress can make the whole day stressful.

So: How to wake up refreshed?

Start waking up earlier than you actually wake up… If you have to get up at a specific time, then invest in a gentle wake up clock, or a natural daylight clock, which simulates the sunrise in your bedroom.

This way your serotonin levels are correct at the time of waking up and you don’t have to start the day with that other jolt called coffee. On the rare occasion that I have to get up early, I set my iPhone to wake me up to the sound of crickets. It’s fun and does the job without startling me.

We do have the ability to wake up on demand. If you go to bed asking to wake up at 7am, you will, with a little practise. It’s best not to try this when you have an aeroplane to catch though.

Try these tips instead of your “very loud and horrible alarm” and note how refreshed you feel for the rest of the day.

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