How to stop judging others

Hey Beaut

I want to talk to you about judgement for a moment, if I may.

Every time you notice something other than positivity coming out of your mouth, or even on email, check in with yourself. Where does this really come from? It’s often a result of pain or trauma that we’re holding onto. Sometimes we use it as a way of identifying with the person we are talking to.

Yet who are we to judge?

Sages throughout the ages have acknowledged the sacred and profane within all of us. When we remember we are all one, we have no room for judgement. If our aim is for unity, we must learn to love at all times with no exceptions.

Judgement always stems from pain. If someone judges you, they are in pain. If you judge, you are in pain. Try to remove yourself from all sources of judgement and surround yourself with only those who love and nurture you.

Now is the time to remove old pain, and to release it with love.

Bliss U


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