How to lose that pear shaped bum ;-)


Hey Juicy

How are you? I know how I am most of the time: A busy mum juggling 900 things with my eyes closed in case I drop something in them. And I know from the letters and emails I get that many of you are in the same situation.

And what’s the first thing that goes pear shaped when we don’t have time to do all those things we are supposed to do? Our bums! There, I said it! Our whole self-care, self-love routine goes out the window and our bums get big and then we get on that hamster wheel of self-loathing. It’s not just me, is it? (Back me up here, I’m putting my heart on the line!)

So what can we do about being really busy and wanting to remain a goddess? THIS! It’s ten simple solutions to weight loss for busy mums. And if you’re not a busy mum, you are still allowed to take a peek! Get excited about the power of the minute, liquid weight loss, taking five, and how dressing up helps you lose weight.

Together, we will have the most gorgeous bums in the world, and we will also love ourselves mucho in the mean time… won’t we?

Here’s that link for you one more time! Tell your friends, because they also deserve the best bums ever!

Bliss U


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