How to look after your liver


Hey Lemonado (!)

How are you today? How’s your liver? Ask it, you may get an interesting response. As Detox Empress of the Multiverse, I am quite obsessed with the liver. Its function is so huge and important our bodies can regenerate it under most circumstances. We simply can’t live without our livers (note how the word “live” is in “liver”?). So let’s show our livers some collective love, shall we?

I’ve written a whole 50 (count ’em) ways to love your liver. You can practise them while you’re taking a break, you can luxuriate with some of them, you can detox with them, but most of all, you can’t get bored of them, which means you now have no excuse not to have a shiny and sparkly happy liver all the time.

Click here to read all of them, or check out this selection that you really can do right now, or at least some time today:

  • Laugh. It’s a high vibrational technique that changes you on a cellular level, for the better.
  • Never get jealous. If someone has something you want, then visualise you have either it or something better. You’ll very often get it and then your liver will be happier.
  • Make a weak lemon drink when you wake up. Squeeze one lemon into a litre of warm water. Drink over fifteen minutes, then wait about thirty minutes before eating.
  • Eat beetroot or drink its juice. It helps your liver purify itself and makes your bile thinner. Just don’t freak out when you next go to the toilet. You are not dying, it’s beetroot!
  • Cut down on cooked saturated fats. They don’t help your liver or the rest of your body. 25-30% of westerners have a fatty liver. Yum.
  • Eat artichokes. They can double your bile production which removes toxins.
  • Season your food with lemon, apple cider vinegar, onion, garlic etc. Never use table salt, especially if you’re a slug or snail.
  • Try dandelion coffee. It’s good on your liver and tasty, too!
  • If you are angry, check out liver therapy. It could stop you exploding.
  • Massage your liver by touching your feet. With reflexology, you have your whole body map at your fingertips. Find the liver reflex points on the outer edge of the right sole. Give it a good old rub whenever you have a minute.

Did you enjoy these? If so, click here to read the full list. There’s also a funny picture of me on there, dressed as The Doxtor. You don’t want to mess with her, she has a black belt in enemas.

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