How to eat raw food on a budget

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How are you? Is money a bit tight at the mo? You don’t have to answer that! What a ride we’re on with the turning of the world. All the time money exists, it does make a difference to our existence, but I don’t want you to think that you have to be rich to eat raw food.

It’s actually really easy to eat raw food on a budget, but it might not seem so when you see the price of raw foods in health food shops.

So I wrote an article for you, called 10 raw food on a budget tips. Learn how less is more, the benefits of sprouting, growing your own, finding special offers, the benefits of local food, food swapping and buying in bulk, and much more. Just click here to go straight to my raw food on a budget article.

Raw food tapioca

Very soon, you’ll be saving so much money you’ll be able to buy a forest or two!

Here’s that link again. And do tell your friends, because raw food is so good for everyone, they deserve to know it won’t burst their banks!

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Warning: Don’t even think about going raw
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