How to deal with gossip

Hey Sunshyne

Do you work in an office? Then this one’s for you!

The workplace is flooded with gossip. This can get out of hand and anyone who has been the butt of gossip will know how distressing it is.

However, it’s better to be talked about than to talk about someone! If you’re so interesting that people want to spend their spare time overanalysing you and jumping to erroneous conclusions, then give thanks for being such an outstanding member of your office!

In fact, I invented a word for people like you: Flambotic, one who is flamboyant but working in a corporate environment and so has to have moments of roboticness. ‘”Oh, that Helen in accounts is so flambotic”, grumbled Sophie with a jealous green eye and plain grey skirt.’

If someone at work tries to engage in gossip, you can turn the tide on this ingrained cultural tradition by staying tight-lipped and smiling.

There’s no need to tell them that they’re being nasty, because that in itself is judgement. Remember, those who are gossiping are probably in pain. Just project love and breathe deeply. Your refreshingly loving attitude may just be what is needed to break a destructive cycle.

Bliss U


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