How stay raw while traveling

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Or in England, we’d say

How to stay raw while travelling. language, eh!

Anyway… how are you, Lovedot?

One of the biggest questions I’m asked is “how do you eat raw while travelling?” Well, there are times when it’s a bit tough, but other times it’s surprisingly easy. I’ve been reduced to organic baby food out of a jar before because there’s absolutely nothing raw, so I know what it’s like to get caught short!

Assuming you can be slightly more organised than me, these raw food travelling tips might help you. I break your possible scenarios down into cars, airports and hotels, and I give you my secret raw food recipe, Hotel Soup. Honestly, Evie and I thrived on it when we used to live out of hotels.

Hope this little helper will make your raw food travels much smoother. Here’s the link againclick on it now for easy and practical raw food travelling tips.

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Warning: Don’t even think about going raw
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