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Shazzie TV is here and it’s your time to sparkle

Hi gorgeous Just a very quick announcement, that I request the pleasure of your company on Sunday 29th April at 5pm (UK time) for the first edition of Shazzie TV… I’m doing this for you Shazzie TV is fully interactive, where you get to ask me anything you like about your life or business and I’ll […]

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6 Top Tips To Help You Create A Successful Online Course

Hi gorgeous I want to talk to you today about changing the world. For a change. I help ethical people start ethical businesses. Who am I to do that? I’m an author of five books including Naked Chocolate, the book that kick started the raw chocolate revolution, author of several apps totalling over a million downloads, hostess […]

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What’s Happened To All My Online Courses?

Hi beautiful Yep, ALL my online courses have disappeared! New 2 Raw, Shazzie Speaks and Divinity In A Box are all gone. Why? Because they are great courses full of wonderful info, but I don’t want to spend time promoting them as separate entities anymore. Since retiring in 2012, I only work a few hours a week and […]

I retired aged 43, then didn’t know what to do!

Hi gorgeous I’m on my mac, on my sofa. Small doggie warming my feet. Child outside (it’s the holidays), guinea pigs grateful for the spring grass. I’m not so grateful as usual because normally I’d be sunbathing by now… what on earth has happened to the weather this year? So it’s April… I want to rewind […]

“Where are all my clients?”

Well hello 😉 So you had a business idea, and after lots of consideration, you decide to go for it. You’re all set up, web site, social media, brand, products and services. All of it. And action! Or not. (Insert tumbleweed noise here) the BIGGEST problem business people face today, and the biggest reason most […]