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Deep Dive With Mermaid Healer Morag Turner

I am super excited to finally launch Shazzie TV, a series of feature length interviews with people I know you will love. Enjoy my love! Meet Morag Turner, a mermaid with a tale to tell… Growing up in the jungle amongst witch doctors and shaman, Morag was perfectly primed and opened to become a blissed […]


Just do one thing!

Hi beautiful Hands up if you’re guilty of this? You take on far more projects than you can handle, you don’t ever have time to do them all correctly and then you’re so knackered from trying to do them all and failing, you collapse in a heap and secretly wonder if you should go back to […]

Shazzie TV is here and it’s your time to sparkle

Hi gorgeous Just a very quick announcement, that I request the pleasure of your company on Sunday 29th April at 5pm (UK time) for the first edition of Shazzie TV… I’m doing this for you Shazzie TV is fully interactive, where you get to ask me anything you like about your life or business and I’ll […]