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🎄 All your Xmases have come at once!

Hi beautiful HOW ARE YOU GETTING ON IN MY VAULT? The last few days have been amazing, haven’t they? Did you see the solstice sun set and full moon rise last night? I had to stop everything and just watch. Then this morning I was outside again, my toes freezing over, just watching the sun casting […]

How much can go wrong in one interview?

Hi sweet THE RIDICULOUS SIDE OF BUSINESS Today’s gift is an hour long interview with my business client Anna (Founder of Blisscloud yoga mats). It was supposed to be on how to run a business while being a single mother, and going through all that midlife stickiness. However, talking about how intense it can be didn’t […]

3 Gifts In One For You!

Hi lovely 3 GIFTS FROM THE VAULT TODAY The vault kept on giving over the weekend, but I didn’t write any emails. I was mostly panicking over not being ready for Xmas. I still haven’t bought a tree, but hopefully today will be the day. I have to wait until it’s sunny because I have […]

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It’s Time To Feel Ecstatic

Hi beautiful WOOHOO… ARE YOU READY FOR THE RAMPAGE? Your feedback has been amazing, you are loving your Xmas vault… Today’s gift comes in a very tiny package, so take care while unwrapping it. It’s two and a half minutes that will change your life. HERE COMES YOUR RAMPAGE OF ECSTASY So I created this […]


A Million Selling Self Help Author

Hi my lovely ARE YOU ENJOYING YOUR XMAS GIFTS? I really hope you are well into your gifts by now — you’ve had workspace organisational help, your mind blown open and all those preconceptions about money and spirituality shattered… DISCOVER HOW TO BECOME A BEST SELLING SELF HELP AUTHOR Now it’s time to share with you one […]