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How to build your own ecstatic bliss bubble

Extracted from my book Ecstatic Beings To live in eternal ecstatic bliss we need to know just two things: 1. We are already perfect. 2. We can become and have anything we want. Working on your physical energy through food, holistic exercise, supplements and healing, you will see huge and fast shifts in your perception of yourself and […]

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New to raw food?

Hey Pineapple How are you? I was thinking the other day at how alien eating raw food can feel when just starting out. What can you juice? What can’t you juice? What do you do with all that compost? OH YES, there is ALL that compost, isn’t there? Anyway, I thought back to when I […]


How to look after your liver

Hey Lemonado (!) How are you today? How’s your liver? Ask it, you may get an interesting response. As Detox Empress of the Multiverse, I am quite obsessed with the liver. Its function is so huge and important our bodies can regenerate it under most circumstances. We simply can’t live without our livers (note how […]

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How stay raw while traveling

Or in England, we’d say How to stay raw while travelling. language, eh! Anyway… how are you, Lovedot? One of the biggest questions I’m asked is “how do you eat raw while travelling?” Well, there are times when it’s a bit tough, but other times it’s surprisingly easy. I’ve been reduced to organic baby food […]