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My 10 hour working week

I’m rarely too busy with work these days, but I may still say “no” to the relentless opportunities for articles, projects, interviews, photoshoots, new products and meetings. Why? because I’m too busy just being. I’ve worked very hard all my life. In our family restaurant at 14, a kissogram at 18 to pay for my art education, […]


Licking the Big Apple

I took a trip to New York. Hung out with efriends that I’ve known for years and never met in Ye Olde 3D Worlde. Ate more in 48 hours than in a week. They have raw food restaurants coming out of their ears. Like with about fifty choices of what to eat. What can a […]

Genius of a whale crackers

I made these the other day. Full of marine phytoplankton to give you the genius of a whale. I topped them off with more of the stuff, too. I just can’t get enough. Makes lots. Keeps for months in a sealed container, but I’d eat within four weeks. 500 golden flax seeds 250g poppy seeds […]

Mylky mylky

I perfected my recipe for mylk chocolate, raw and vegan. However, unlike my organised state of pancakeness, this one was born on a chaotic day so there is no record of its genetic makeup. Something is in my head, though, and if I can separate it from all the stuff and fluff I’ll attempt to […]

Success on a plate for you

Do you remember Findus crispy pancakes? In a moment of creative genius The Doxtor made a raw vegan version and was even organised enough to write it down so you can copy it. The Doxtor loves it when people copy her. Crispy pancakes Raw and vegan and totally tasty (You need a dehydrator for this […]

Let’s all meet up in the year 2000

I started blogging way back in January 2000 on shazzie.com. I tried to stop several times but I’m addicted. There’s no hope at all for me now until technology melts some time before 2012. 8.5 years after posting my first blog, I’ve finally decided to upgrade my blogging technology, thanks to WordPress. I’ll try not […]